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Week 07 2023 : Sat 11 Feb - Fri 17 Feb

Tue 31 Jan 2023

The Twelve

[Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 16 February.]

Series overview

ITVX confirms that FOXTEL Original series The Twelve starring Sam Neill will get its exclusive UK debut on the streamer on Thursday 16th February.  

This gripping courtroom drama tells the story of 12 ordinary Australians who are selected for jury duty in a murder trial as traumatising as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing her teenage niece.

Behind the façade of their anonymity, these twelve ordinary people bring with them their own histories. Lives that are as complex as the trial, full of fractured dreams, shameful secrets, hope, fears, personal trauma, and prejudice. Through the multiple lenses of these jurors, audiences will see the fragility and imbalances of the law, and the chaotic and flawed way we attempt to determine justice in our society.

The limited series also stars Marta Dusseldorp (Wentworth, Stateless, A Place to Call Home) and Kate Mulvany (Fighting Season, Lambs of God, Hunters).

The 10-episode crime drama commissioned by the FOXTEL Group, is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia in partnership with Easy Tiger Productions with major production investment from Screen Australia in association with FOXTEL. Financed with support from Screen NSW. The series is distributed globally by FIFTH SEASON. Executive Producers for the Foxtel Group are Brian Walsh and Penny Win.

Episode 1

As the jury is selected for Kate Lawson’s lengthy trial, the press follows the sensational case of her missing 14-year-old niece, Claire Spears, who is presumed murdered. When the jurors meet for the first time, it’s clear this is a diverse group, who bring their own problems to the table. Georgina, a middle-class mum, is caught between her duty to the Court and her duty to her family. Garry, a gambler struggling with debt, learns the history of fellow-juror Corrie, who has a horrific family secret she is keeping to herself.

Episode 2

The Crown calls Detective Sam Chedid to the stand. Various pieces of evidence are introduced to the Court, including a disturbing video of Claire. During his cross examination, Colby throws suspicion onto Nathan Spears, as he points out the Detective’s failure to investigate him as a potential suspect. The jurors share polarizing opinions on the trial thus far, as different personalities begin to rub each other the wrong way. Garry is offered a dubious bribe - his debts cleared in exchange for information on his fellow jurors. Meanwhile, Alexi makes a bad decision when confronted with a horrific work-place accident, and Jarrod finds himself unexpectedly arrested.

Episode 3

The Crown calls Claire’s best friend, Amita, to the stand for questioning. Bloom suggests Kate was grooming Claire while using her as her muse, but Colby’s cross examination paints Kate as a loving and caring Aunt. The Defence again throws suspicion onto Nathan, as it’s revealed a dramatic argument took place the night Claire went missing. Meanwhile, Jarrod struggles to deal with the brutality of his arrest and submits an important English essay late. Alexi is plagued by his decision following a workplace accident, and he and Corrie take their connection to a new level. Garry is faced with the new task of having to ensure the jurors deliver a ‘not guilty’ verdict, but how will he do it?

Episode 4

As Kate’s artwork is put before the Court, Bloom focuses on its preoccupation with mortality and suggests Kate orchestrated Claire’s death for her final work. A complicated mental health diagnosis is revealed, which is particularly pertinent for Vanessa. The jury room is once again divided as they begin to untangle the mammoth question in front of them - was Kate Lawson’s artwork a blueprint for murder? Meanwhile, Corrie is haunted by the horrific crime from her past, which Garry uses in an attempt to push her off the jury. Jarrod seeks answers from Lowanna, and Alexi’s worst fears are confirmed.

Episode 5

Claire’s father is called to the stand. Nathan paints Kate as a sexual predator, who groomed Claire before murdering her. However, Colby throws suspicion back onto Nathan when it’s revealed he had a false online persona, posing as a young girl in order to monitor Claire’s social media. The courtroom is also given a taste of his temper when Colby successfully gets under his skin. Despite trying to focus on the task at hand, some jurors struggle with the mounting pressures of life outside the jury room. Georgina’s husband’s controlling behaviour goes from bad to worse, Jarrod tries to get his scholarship money back, and Alexi is plagued with guilt over Luiz’ death.

Episode 6

When the jurors are taken to Kate’s house to observe a demonstration of the Crown’s theory, it ends in disaster for the Defence when someone tampers with Kate’s studio. Back in the courtroom, an eyewitness testifies he saw Kate at 4am out on the water the night Claire disappeared. Kate’s brother, Robbie, takes the stand, before the jurors are left perplexed when a man from Kate’s past causes a disturbance in the courtroom. Inside the jury room, the jurors’ debate and discuss the logistics of the prosecution’s theory - could Kate really have disposed of Claire’s body by herself? Meanwhile, Alexi gets into trouble trying to give money to Luiz’ widow, whilst Corrie becomes all too aware of his lack of transparency with her. Georgina is fired from her job because of Jamie and is surprised to find a helping hand from Garry, and Jarrod finds a connection with his university’s secretary, Yvette.

Episode 7

Following a bizarre interruption in Courtroom, the Defence cross-examines Kate’s brother, Robbie. Colby adds fuel to the theory that Claire ran away, highlighting a particular text conversation between the uncle and niece. When Kate’s sister and Claire’s mother, Diane, takes the stand, the Defence again focus on the tumultuous and fraught relationship between Claire and her father, Nathan. However, during her re-examination, Bloom suggests that Diane suspects that Claire is dead and is protecting her sister. Who will the jury believe? Meanwhile, Garry becomes nervous when Otto reveals himself and applies pressure, Georgina finds a babysitting solution in Simon’s daughter, Ava, and Peter and Margaret have a date which ends badly. However, proceedings come to halt when Melissa has a seizure.

Episode 8

When Claire’s ex-boyfriend, Blake, takes the stand, Colby uses it as opportunity to further the theory that Claire could have run away. When Claire’s boarding school mistress, Fiona, takes the stand, she changes the course of the trial. She not only reveals that she knew Kate from her teen years, but divulges that Claire believed Kate and Nathan were having an affair. Rocked by the revelation and the secrecy of his client, Colby scrambles to save the case. But Kate’s focus is on Diane- will the revelation destroy the one ally she had in her sister? Meanwhile, when Georgina finds herself kicked out of her own home, Garry once again comes her aid. Alexi finally shares his dark secret with Corrie, Jarrod finds himself stuck on the bureaucratic treadmill of the university’s appeal process, and Vanessa turns to her mother for answers.

Episode 9

The strain of the trial taking its toll on all in the Court. As the end approaches, Kate insists on taking the stand to tell the truth about her relationship with Nathan, but her decision hands Bloom the weapon she needs to bring Kate down. Meanwhile Ezekiel finds evidence that may help salvage the case. With new revelations about her sister’s betrayal, Diane’s support begins to wane – but does she hold a secret that could smash things wide open? Georgina’s decision to take shelter with the troubled Garry has a backlash when Jamie discovers she has been lying to him again – while the complications for Garry only increase when Simon’s daughter goes missing. Corrie confronts a painful truth to break through Alexi’s wall – but will it free them to be together, or drive them further apart? Emotionally exposed by Kate’s testimony, Vanessa pushes her relationship to breaking point.

Episode 10

In the final episode of this series, startling revelations emerge about the ties between a past crime and the present crime – but is Kate Lawson guilty of her niece’s murder? The legal system is tested by the jury’s process of deliberation – how can twelve people with diverse problems and morals judge the fate of another? This question is raised – and the group’s individual flaws are challenged by the least likely among them. Sequestered in a hotel, their conflicts and personal connections are put under a microscope; and Georgina’s domestic drama comes to a head when her jealous husband breaks the rules to find her. 



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