Red Eye

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Week 17 2024 : Sat 20 Apr - Fri 26 Apr

Tue 09 Apr 2024

Red Eye

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Series overview

Six-part thriller set on the red eye flight from London to Beijing. Whilst escorting a doctor being renditioned, an incident on-board leads DC Hana Li to uncover a wider conspiracy.

Episode 1

A drunk and disoriented Dr. Matthew Nolan races through the streets of Beijing and crashes his car. Wounded, he catches a flight home to the UK, only to be detained at the airport and accused of murder. DC Hana Li is assigned to escort Nolan back to Beijing on the next North China Air flight. When a group of Nolan’s colleagues land at Heathrow, they’re asked to return and give witness statements.

MI5 director Madeleine Delaney is leading the operation, keeping close communication with Chinese Minister Tang and the British Prime Minister. She must tread carefully, as a Chinese-British nuclear deal could be at risk. CIA officer Mike Maxwell is also helping on the sidelines. Meanwhile, Nolan tries to escape police custody at the airport and videos of him publicly declaring his innocence go viral. Hana’s sister and aspiring reporter Jess Li sees the video and jumps at the opportunity of a story.  

On the flight, an incident onboard shakes everyone. Nolan believes he’s being framed.



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