Orphan Black: Echoes

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Week 20 2024 : Sat 11 May - Fri 17 May

Tue 30 Apr 2024

Orphan Black: Echoes

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Series overview

The 10-part science fiction thriller series is written by Anna Fishko and follows a new story set in the popular Orphan Black universe.  

Lucy (Krysten Ritter), woke up two years ago in a strange room with no memory of who she is or where she came from and she’s been running ever since . That is, until her past finally catches up with her and she’s faced with the reality that she was created in a lab and those who had a hand in making her want her dead.
There's a stellar cast that includes Keeley Hawes (The Bodyguard, The Durrells, Line of Duty), Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, Love & Death), Avan Jogia (Zombieland), James Hiroyuki Liao (Barry), Rya Kihlstedt (Superman & Lois) and Amanda Fix (High School).

Episode 1

After years of hard living, Lucy has found herself with a reliable job and a loving partner in a rural community outside the city. Despite still being kept up at night by flashing images of a childhood she otherwise can’t remember, Lucy has finally managed to find some kind of peace with her new chosen family, local army vet Jack and his daughter Charlie. But when a violent man tracks Lucy down on behalf of a mysterious force from her past, everything she’s worked so hard to build is put in the crosshairs. Lucy is given no choice but to uproot Jack and Charlie and go on the run, leading her back to a city full of problems she left behind. With limited options and nowhere else to go, Lucy enlists the help of some concerned old friends to track down a familiar young woman who begs more questions than answers.

Episode 2

When a hostile interaction with Jules yields no answers about her origins, Lucy has no choice but to go to Settlement House where she enlists the help of Craig in a haphazard interrogation. A stressed Kira receives an unexpected visit from a family member who insists on some quality time out on the town. Jack, worried about Charlie's mental wellbeing, is pulled in to help Lucy who realizes she finally has to come clean and tell Jack the truth about who she is. And Billionaire Paul Darros raises alarm at his private compound when his team informs him that Lucy has made contact with Jules.

Episode 3

After Lucy’s wild claims about who she really is leave Jules unsettled, Jules can't help but question everything in her life that links to her past including people, artifacts, and even memories. After some curious inconsistencies, Jules enlists her brother Wes to help her track down a mysterious author in a rough part of town. Lucy and Jack chase down a lead on Jules' origin at the hospital where she recovered from her injury. And Kira tries to get answers from her former colleague Josh before deciding to confront Darros head-on over his handling of Lucy.

Episode 4

In order to excavate a difficult memory that they can't seem to shake, Lucy and Jules experiment with homemade psychedelics under Jack’s supervision, leading them to a recently-gentrified neighborhood that may have clues to their past. Kira braves a well-attended Darros Foundation event and encounters Emily, who may be more friend than foe, before receiving an alarming message about her mother-in-law. When Wes is unable to cover for Jules back at home, Neva becomes alarmed by her absence and must figure out how to track her down.

Episode 5

During her graduate studies in 2030, Kira’s work printing 3D human organs captures the attention of Paul Darros and leads to a romantic bond with her former professor, Dr. Eleanor Miller. Years later, Kira and Eleanor have built a life together and Kira’s research is saving lives when Darros approaches Kira to take her scientific discoveries to astounding new heights. Kira’s conscience prevents her from accepting his offer until an expected tragedy leads her to reconsider continuing her research on her own terms, with profound ramifications for Lucy many years in the future. 

Episode 6

After learning about Jules’ existence, Kira teams up with Lucy to find her old lab assistant, Josh, and get to the bottom of how Jules was printed. When their investigation hits a wall, Lucy convinces Jack to help even as he struggles to accept what he’s learned about Lucy's origins. Kira also navigates a tenuous home life as she prepares to meet Lucas’ girlfriend, while hiding her search for answers from a surprising new partner. When Kira finally tracks down Josh, she realizes how high the stakes are when Josh's fear pushes him to make a shocking decision. Ambushed in the street, Jules is kidnapped and taken to a mysterious compound owned and operated by Paul Darros. Darros reveals to Jules how she was created and tells her she is free to leave if she’d like. But Jules finds that leaving is not so simple when she’s knocked out by an invisible sonic fence surrounding the compound. When she comes to, Jules befriends Xander, a gardener at Darros’ compound. Though he promises to help her escape, Jules remains guarded as Xander talks at length about the incredible things she could accomplish if she were to stay. Can she trust him?

Episode 7 

After her shocking confrontation with Josh, Kira returns home only to discover Lucy has unexpectedly dropped by and met the Eleanor printout, who discovers the truth about her origins. Eleanor leaves in a fit of rage, but Lucy offers to go after Eleanor if it means Kira will rejoin the search for Jules. At the compound, Darros gives Xander another chance to prove himself by coaxing Jules once more to join their venture, but Jules sees an opportunity to make another attempt at escape. Lucy tracks down Eleanor at Lucas’ church. Eleanor has tried to get Lucas to understand that she’s not the Eleanor he once knew, and he finally gets it when he sees Lucy and Eleanor together. Lucas can’t handle this new reality and tells Lucy and Eleanor to leave. Reflecting on how her actions caused so much suffering, Kira continues to try and make-up for her mistake by uncovering Darros’ plan for creating new printouts, and putting a stop to it. When Jules finally finds a way out of Darros’ compound she finds a four-legged friend along the way, but she’s not safe yet. Darros and his henchman are in hot pursuit, hoping Jules will lead them straight to Lucy.

Episode 8

When Kira meets with Emily she finds out that Emily has a personal debt to Darros,  which forces Emily to betray Kira. Their interaction escalates and it becomes clear that both Kira and Emily cannot make it out of the situation alive. Continuing to look for a way to crack the security token, Lucy and Craig try to track down Lucy’s old flame, PJ, a tech wiz who may have the skills they need. On a more personal quest, Eleanor and Jules decide to reconnect with a relative for answers, and the meeting gives them a grim glimpse of their future with Alzheimer’s. After regrouping at the settlement house Jules, Lucy and Craig are ambushed by Xander as he attempts to get the memory drug from Jules. When Jules refuses, Xander pull out a gun and fires, dealing a critical blow.

Episode 9

Lucy seeks out medical attention for Craig after he's shot by Xander, and Craig opens up about a dark secret from his past. Still seeking insight into Darros’ master plan, someone from Kira’s past emerges to help. Just as it seems Kira will finally get some answers, an unforeseen hiccup might destroy all of their progress. After managing to get away with the memory drug and Darros’ security token, Xander takes enough of the drug to plunge him deep into Darros’ memories, causing Xander to question whether he wants to continue this legacy. Frustrated over being dismissed by Darros, Tom devises a plan to get back into Darros' good graces.

Episode 10

Desperate to get Charlie back, Lucy meets with Tom who sets an impossibly high price for Charlie’s return that will divide Lucy and Jack. As Lucy, Jules, Kira and Eleanor finally connect the dots on Darros’ plan, they realize it may be too late to stop him. Darros deals a devastating final blow that will change everything. 



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