Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure

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Week 27 2023 : Sat 01 Jul - Fri 07 Jul

Wed 21 Jun 2023

Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure

What time is Joanna Lumley’s Spice Trail Adventure on ITV and ITVX? 9pm, Wednesday 5 July

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Series overview

Joanna Lumley sets off on one of her most epic voyages yet, a journey through the world’s greatest spice continents to discover the rich tapestry of flavours and cultures which have shaped our world. Touring Indonesia, Zanzibar, India and Madagascar, Joanna explores the centuries-old spice trade in this brand new four-part series of discovery.

Episode 1: Indonesia 

Joanna Lumley sets off on one her most epic voyages yet. A journey through the world’s greatest spice continents. In this episode Joanna is heading to a collection of remote Indonesian islands, so small that her first challenge is finding them on the map. The Banda Islands were one the only place on earth where nutmeg grew. Joanna meets a family who make their living from harvesting them, she uncovers the dark history of Banda’s past and discovers that Banda’s charms once attracted A listers, including Mick Jagger. In the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta Joanna finds out what the attraction is of the 200 million clove cigarettes that are smoked in Indonesia every day. She pops into a cool speakeasy bar to taste a cocktail that is all about the spice and ends up discovering a newfound love of Indonesia’s national pop music. 


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