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Week 33 2023 : Sat 12 Aug - Fri 18 Aug

Wed 19 Jul 2023


Series 3

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Sanditon series 3 (S3) starts Thursday 17 August on ITVX

All episodes of Series 3 and the full boxset Series 1-3 available on ITVX from 17 August 2023

The third and final series of Sanditon set to stream on ITVX

Familiar faces return with Kris Marshall as determined town developer Tom Parker alongside Kate Ashfield as Mary Parker. Anne Reid’s tour de force Lady Denham is back, as well Jack Fox as Edward Denham and Turlough Convery as Arthur Parker. Season three sees Colbourne’s ward Augusta Markham played by Eloise Webb return, with Kevin Eldon as Reverend Hankins and Adrian Scarborough as Dr Fuchs.

Series three brings viewers back to the burgeoning seaside resort of Sanditon following the romances, friendships, and struggles of Charlotte, Georgiana, the Parker family and the Denhams. But will new visitors to the picturesque coastal town ruffle some feathers amongst our stalwarts of Sanditon?


Episode 1

Sanditon is now everything Tom (Kris Marshall) dreamed it would be – a thriving resort and the destination for society’s elite. Charlotte (Rose Williams) arrives for Georgiana’s (Crystal Clarke) 21st birthday with fiancé Ralph Starling (Cai Brigden) at her side. Upon her return Lady Susan (Sophie Winkleman), mistress of the King and a great friend to Charlotte, questions Charlotte’s decision to marry Ralph and when she is evasive about her reasons for leaving Heyrick Park, Lady Susan’s curiosity is piqued.

Lady Denham (Anne Reid) is pleased with how well Edward (Jack Fox) is responding to her programme of rehabilitation but behind his patient smile, Edward has had enough. Augusta (Eloise Webb) is intrigued after meeting him in the street but, forever under Lady Denham’s eagle-eyed scrutiny, Edward knows that any fraternisation is more pain than it’s worth.

It is Georgiana’s birthday and the longed-for day where she takes possession of her inheritance. Having decided against marriage after her disastrous affair with Charles Lockhart (Alexander Vlahos), Georgiana has tired of the pressure to wed and the endless stream of undesirable suitors. However, newly arrived Lady Montrose (Emma Fielding), an aristocratic but poverty-stricken Dowager-Duchess, is desperate to restore the family to their former glory by finding wealthy spouses for her children. Lady Montrose sets her sights on Georgiana and puts pressure on her son Lord Montrose (Edward Davis) to charm the heiress.

Tom has high hopes for a new hotel in Sanditon all he needs is for Lady Denham to agree to do business with potential investor Rowleigh Pryce (James Bolam), but this proves difficult when Lady Denham is deliberately avoiding him, for reasons unbeknownst to Tom…

As the party gets in full swing, Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Charlotte have an awkward reunion and Georgiana is left shell-shocked at the arrival of someone from her past with a threatening announcement.

Episode 2

Sanditon is buzzing with anticipation for Arthur’s (Turlough Convery) opera recital, with news that the King is joining Lady Susan (Sophie Winkleman). Yet the recital couldn’t be further from Charlotte’s (Rose Williams) mind as she supports Georgiana (Crystal Clarke) through her potential trial. Georgiana can’t secure a lawyer, no one will touch her seemingly impossible case, despite Charlotte’s efforts to help. With Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) still reeling from the recent news that Charlotte is now engaged to another man, does he have a way to impress Charlotte by helping Georgiana?

Meanwhile, Mr Hankins (Kevin Eldon) congratulates himself on what a transformation Edward (Jack Fox) has made, unaware that he is being played. Edward sets off to pursue Augusta Markham (Eloise Webb), but she refuses to be so easily won round, has he finally met his match?

Tom (Kris Marshall) laments that his vision for a new hotel in Sanditon is over; Lady Denham (Anne Reid) has refused to work with Rowleigh (James Bolam), whom Tom needs to help finance it. But Rowleigh won’t give up, and knowing Lady Denham better than Tom realises, he goes to seek her approval directly. Does Lady Denham secretly enjoy sparring with her old flame?

Arthur’s (Turlough Convery) recital takes a turn for disappointment and after consoling himself in the most unlikely of people he concedes that Lord Montrose (Edward Davis) isn’t so bad after all. In fact, there might be something of a spark between them.

Episode 3

It is Georgiana’s (Crystal Clarke) day of reckoning with Charles Lockhart (Alexander Vlahos). In court, Georgiana is forced to listen to Charles’ abhorrent lies, however, has the loyal support of her lawyer Samuel Colbourne (Liam Garrigan) throughout. An old friend also appears to give her the comfort and strength she needs to go on.

Back in Sanditon, Tom (Kris Marshall) attempts to persuade Rowleigh (James Bolam) of a different plan put forward by Mary (Kate Ashfield), but Rowleigh convinces Tom to ignore Mary’s concerns. Will Tom and Mary cross swords over the plans for the old town?

Elsewhere, Arthur (Turlough Convery) is speechless when a smitten Lord Montrose (Edward Davis) questions whether Arthur might return his feelings. Taking his shock as rejection, Lord Montrose retreats, much to Arthur’s dismay.

The Colbourne brothers stand united at Heyrick Park for the first time in years and having observed Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) and Charlotte (Rose Williams) throughout the day, Lady Susan (Sophie Winkelman) and Samuel are convinced that they should be together and decide to join forces. Will their meddling mean Charlotte and Colbourne finally confess their feelings for one another?

Meanwhile, with Edward’s (Jack Fox) plans to honourably court Augusta (Eloise Webb) thwarted by Alexander Colbourne, he privately fumes – he has no intention of walking away from her just yet.

Episode 4

Following the success of Georgiana’s (Crystal Clarke) court case win, the Parker’s are hosting a victory party for her and she’s going to show everyone she’s stronger than ever. However, Charlotte (Rose Williams) isn’t convinced and is worried about her reckless behaviour with Lord Montrose (Edward Davis).

Meanwhile, after Samuel (Liam Garrigan) question’s Colbourne’s (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) feelings for Charlotte, he insists he’s moving on and invites Lady Lydia (Alice Orr-Ewing) to tea, much to Lady Montrose’s (Emma Fielding) delight. Following Colbourne’s ban of Augusta (Eloise Webb) seeing Edward (Jack Fox), their feelings grow deeper for each other, and she realises, following some advice from Charlotte, that if you’ve found love, you mustn’t let it go...

Mary (Kate Ashfield) attempts to show Tom (Kris Marshall) her own vision for the Old Town, but he won’t listen. Tom is furious to learn Mary has sought support elsewhere in the form of Lady Denham (Anne Reid) and Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes). Will her newfound voice put her relationship with Tom at risk for good?

Arthur (Turlough Convery) plucks up the courage to tell Lord Montrose how he really feels and accepts his newly discovered sexuality, feeling liberated. However, Lady Montrose soon catches wind of Arthur and Lord Montrose’s close friendship and forbids her son to continue associating with him.

Later, at Georgiana’s party, there is a shock announcement, leading to disappointment and heartbreak throughout the seaside town. Will friendships be irreversibly broken?

Episode 5

Augusta’s (Eloise Webb) disappearance at Georgiana’s (Crystal Clarke) victory party shocks the town. Charlotte (Rose Williams) is desperate to help but is conflicted between staying in Sanditon with Ralph (Cai Brigden) or joining Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) on the search for Augusta (Eloise Webb). But if she chooses to venture into the unknown with Colbourne, how will she feel after being in such close quarters with him?

To Georgiana’s initial shock and disbelief, a woman claiming to be her mother arrives in Sanditon. Georgiana presumed Agnes, her mother, was dead. But will the new arrival convince her otherwise, ending the spell of trauma and self-preservation that has consumed Georgiana since the trial?

Upon finding Edward (Jack Fox) and Augusta in a seaside inn in Falmouth, Colbourne shows just how changed he really is by accepting their relationship. With Edward’s intentions unclear, will he take Augusta’s hand in marriage, or will he finally do the right thing?

At Trafalgar House, Tom (Kris Marshall) hasn’t returned, as Mary (Kate Ashfield) prepares for a dinner party. Georgiana is nervous about her mother seeing the truth of her relationship with Lord Montrose (Edward Davis), as well as Lady Montrose’s (Emma Fielding) snobbery towards her mother, resulting in a stilted and uncomfortable dinner that ends as Mary falls gravely ill.

Elsewhere, Arthur (Turlough Convery) is left heartbroken after the announcement of Lord Montrose (Edward Davis) and Georgiana’s engagement. To try and cheer Arthur up, Georgiana presents the pair with a generous offer.

Episode 6

The whole town is on edge and keeping vigil over Mary (Kate Ashfield) as she deals with a heart- breaking illness. Steadfast in making sure she gets better, Tom Parker (Kris Marshall) and Charlotte (Rose Williams) take a trip to the Old Town to meet the Filkins, where Tom has a spiritual awakening. Will a last-minute attempt to save Mary’s life be enough?

Charlotte is determined to reveal to Colbourne the true extent of her feelings, but her plans are thwarted when she hears a shocking rumour about his marriage intentions. Things are not as they seem, but with her sights set on leaving Sanditon, will this misunderstanding get resolved or will our heroine leave the seaside resort with a broken heart?

Elsewhere, Lady Susan (Sophie Winkleman) and Samuel Colbourne (Liam Garrigan) get cosy over sunrise, but she later receives a letter from the King, which puts their courtship in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Georgiana (Crystal Clarke) maintains that she is still in a vulnerable position and must marry Lord Montrose (Edward Davis). When her mother vanishes, she worries whether she is not the woman she believed her to be, and shocking revelations come to light which call into question the integrity of the Montrose’s.

At Sanditon House, Lady Denham (Anne Reid) prepares to marry Rowleigh (James Bolam), but she has uncertainty about her future prospects and is unsure whether she can leave Sanditon for good.

With weddings and failed engagements, will the Sanditon residents all find true love and happiness after all?



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