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Week 38 2023 : Sat 16 Sep - Fri 22 Sep

Tue 12 Sep 2023


Series 2

[Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 21 September]

Series overview

In the second season of Crime, Ray Lennox is ready to return to the fray at Edinburgh Serious Crimes, keen to prove he is fully recovered from his breakdown induced by bringing Mr Confectioner to justice. But he’s surprised to find that it’s all change: Bob Toal has lost his mojo, while Amanda Drummond is newly promoted. And there are two new faces on the team in the form of the devious Tommy Stark and failed actor Norrie Erskine. 

When one of Lennox’s former colleagues is attacked, Lennox and Drummond quickly realise that all is not as it seems as they become embroiled in a case about vengeance, identity and social justice. The attack is linked to a gruesome attempted murder on a high-ranking establishment figure at a posh hotel which has been hushed up from the police. As Lennox investigates via Edinburgh’s saunas, crack dens and poshest hotels, he finds doors slammed in his face; there is an Establishment cover up at play.

It's not until the killer targets one of Lennox’s own team that the pieces start to fall into place. Tracing the motivation back to an unsavoury incident 30 years ago, Lennox begins to realise that there is more to this case than meets the eye and the killer he has been chasing may not be the driving force behind these murders after all.


Episode 1

DI Ray Lennox is back at work and determined to put the Confectioner case behind him; when a beloved former colleague is assaulted by a mystery assailant and comes to him for help, Lennox quickly becomes embroiled in a new case as he starts to suspect this is linked to a recent gruesome hotel attack on a high-ranking establishment figure.

Episode 2

With the discovery of another body, Lennox’s suspicions that he is dealing with a serial attacker are confirmed when the perpetrator makes contact with him; Lennox finds himself drawn back into emotional turmoil when Confectioner gets in touch with information about the old case; Bob Toal’s big announcement gets Drummond and Stark excited.

Episode 3

The chase is on as the killer plays cat and mouse with Lennox and Drummond and claims there will be another victim; Lennox is put to the ultimate moral test as he is forced to protect his nemesis, populist Politician Ritchie Gulliver; Drummond is driven to desperation when a face from her past threatens to derail her bright future.

Episode 4

The case continues to evade Lennox; he has a connection between the victims but can’t find a motive; Lennox becomes suspicious of Norrie Erskine, whose odd behaviour suggests he knows more about the case than he is letting on; haunted when someone else loses their life on his watch, Lennox seeks comfort that doesn’t come in a bottle.

Episode 5

As Lennox wrestles with the consequences of his actions, the hunt to catch the killer ramps up when one of his own team is targeted; Lennox and Drummond discover all roads lead back to a violent incident on Hogmanay 1992; with the interviews looming, Drummond and Stark pull out all the stops to prevent the other from getting the promotion.

Episode 6

Lennox makes a shocking discovery that turns the case on its head; with his own life in danger, and his family at risk, Lennox will have to confront some difficult truths and make seismic choices about his future if he is to solve this case and survive; Drummond fights dirty in her bid to be Toal’s successor.


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