The Other Mrs Jordan – Catching the Ultimate Conman

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Week 43 2023 : Sat 21 Oct - Fri 27 Oct

Sun 15 Oct 2023

The Other Mrs Jordan – Catching the Ultimate Conman

[Full series drop on ITVX from Thursday 26 October]

Part of ITVX's Swindles & Cons strand

Series overview

This brand new documentary series for ITVX unravels the complex web of the multiple “other Mrs Jordans” and follows the real time manhunt led by retired US Marshal Tex Lindsey, to track down the shady figure who left so much pain and confusion in his wake across the globe.

Mary Turner Thomson had grown used to her husband’s frequent and often sudden trips away to far-flung locations as well as the secretive nature of his work, which meant he was regularly unable to maintain contact with her. She convinced herself that these challenges were a necessary sacrifice when your spouse, William Allen Jordan, was a CIA agent working in counter terrorism in the early 2000s. Or so she thought, until a fateful phone call in April 2006 from someone saying she was “The Other Mrs Jordan” blew her world apart.

The series tells the astonishing true tale of William Allen Jordan – bigamist, fraudster, father and conman. As told by Mary, his children, key figures and other victims. 

Episode 1: Falling for Superman

Mary meets Will online before a jaw-dropping revelation about his real job in the CIA. With ‘unsavoury characters’ threatening her and the kids, she receives a shocking phone call.

Episode 2: The tip of a f*cked up iceberg

Mary unmasks the full horror of William Allen Jordan’s deception uncovering a disturbing pattern and multiple victims across the globe. Retired U.S. Marshal Tex hunts his whereabouts.

Episode 3: Gotcha

Ex U.S. Marshal Tex pinpoints Mr Jordan’s latest location, uncovering a new set of crimes and a potential new victim. Will history finally catch up with William Allen Jordan?




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