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Week 49 2022 : Sat 03 Dec - Fri 09 Dec

Sat 14 Jan 2023

Tell Me Everything

Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 8 December.

Brimming with heart, laughs, pathos and gut-punches, tenderness and darkness, Tell Me Everything is a six part drama exploring the stresses of mental health for today’s teens created by the omnipresence of technology and social media, whilst they are still searching for their own identity, exploring sexuality, and experimenting with relationships, drink, drugs and sex (as well as what to wear tonight).

Rooted in truthful observations about life as it actually is for young people, Tell Me Everything is a celebration of adolescence, without shying away from the difficult subjects facing teens as they grow up in the 2020s.

Tell Me Everything introduces us to 16 year-old Jonny Murphy, who is trying his best to navigate through this world. Growing up hasn’t been easy, and although loved by his friends and family, Jonny suffers from undiagnosed depression which he does his best to hide. So when he is faced with the most gut-wrenching tragedy, Jonny has to decide – is he going to let events overtake him or is he going to learn how to live? 

His oldest friends, Louis and Neve, are battling their own issues and emotional struggles, yet continue to be there for Jonny. So they are right to be suspicious of Mei when she comes into his life. She seems to understand Jonny, but increasingly appears to be a dangerous influence on him.

Meanwhile, new college mates, Regan, Saj and Zia, initially appear cool and care-free, but as Jonny, Neve and Louis get to know them, it soon becomes clear that everyone is fighting their own personal battles. 

Episode 1:
It’s the last weekend of the summer holidays and Jonny is ready for a big night out with his two best friends. 

Episode 2:
Mei’s recently moved back to Welwyn from Canada after her parents’ marriage broke down and has forged a new identity for herself.

Episode 3:
Louis wants to be treated like a grown-up by his friends and his dad. His 17th birthday is approaching, and he wants to lose his virginity before then. 

Episode 4:
Neve’s strict parents are going to Nigeria for a few days. Neve is delighted at the prospect of being home alone, until her sister Timmi shows up, sent by their parents to look after her.

Episode 5:
Regan is organised as her nan’s carer. But her nan now needs a professional carer, so chaotic Jaz arrives.

Episode 6:
Jonny is in therapy, he’s on track to getting better. However he’s frustrated that his mum still can’t talk honestly with him.




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