Something Undone

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Week 50 2023 : Sat 09 Dec - Fri 15 Dec

Fri 24 Nov 2023

Something Undone

Full series drop on ITVX on Thursday 14 December

Series overview

For the newest season of their Canadian true-crime podcast, couple Jo and Farid delve into the gruesome 1980s slaughter of a family of five. Farid travels to the destitute town of Briddus, Newfoundland to put the pieces of the mystery together through witness interviews and covert investigation. Jo, the foley artist, isolates in her recently deceased mother's country home to ready it for sale all while creating the chilling sounds to accompany Farid's words. Jo struggles to stay removed from her schizophrenic mother's suicide, but after picking up disturbing sounds inside the house, she goes down a twisted path towards a dark family secret that ruthlessly haunts her.

Farid comes up against the crooked cops and hardened townspeople of Briddus. The murders and their rumoured ties to satanism irreparably damaged the town's tourism thirty years ago, leaving them desperate to keep the past buried. As he gets closer to discovering what really happened that fateful summer, Farid finds himself, and Jo, in serious danger. Putting Jo first, he makes the choice to give up and let down the surviving Chaffey kin.

Months later, Jo and Farid escape to a remote island intent on mending their strained relationship but struggle to let go of their respective ghosts. Jo befriends an enigmatic neighbour who guides her further from Farid and deeper into the mystery of her mother’s legacy. Unbeknownst to Jo, Farid seeks out a local pastor - revealing that, despite the risk, he’s never given up on delivering justice to the Chaffeys.


Episode 1: Two Minutes & Forty Nine Seconds

Farid arrives in an unwelcoming Briddus, Newfoundland to investigate the gruesome Chaffey murders of 1989. Jo works on the podcast’s sound effects from her recently deceased mother’s home and picks up a disturbing sound coming from inside the house.

Episode 2 - They Want In

Jo unearths disturbing tapes from her mother and struggles to accept that a mysterious presence is trying to communicate. After he hits a roadblock with the police, Farid gets help from an unexpected ally.

Episode 3 - Go Home, Fred

Jo questions her aunt about mysterious family photos and finds a frightening surprise in the house. Farid continues to ask unwanted questions and learns just how far the police are willing to go to protect the Chaffey mystery.

Episode 4 - I Don’t Want to Forget

Farid and Jo’s relationship cracks under pressure. Brie is sent to Briddus to lend a helping hand, while back home, Jo attempts to make peace with the ghosts that haunt her.

Episode 5 - Did They Get to You?

Jo goes back to Martha’s clues to piece together the mystery of what happened to Rose. Farid knows who killed the Chaffeys - but a serious threat sends him straight back home to Jo.

Episode 6 -  Were She No Longer True

After a terrifying revelation, Jo comes face to face with her and Martha’s demons. Farid must put his love for Jo before his career ambitions and desire to deliver justice to the Chaffeys.

Episode 7 - Coming Up For Air

Six months later, Jo and Farid escape to an island retreat to strengthen their relationship and break free from their respective traumas. Jo forms a relationship with their neighbour, Christina, and gets a call from Aunt Hannah that jeopardizes her recovery plan. Farid secretly visits a mysterious local pastor and learns of a local missing woman.

Episode 8 - Make Yourselves Clean

Pastor Cape introduces Farid to his life on the island in an attempt to justify his freedom and learns that the missing woman has a concerning connection to Christina. Off her meds, Jo explores the enticing world of Genesis.

Episode 9 -  Secrets We Keep

Farid has dinner at the Cape family home, getting into the tough and terrifying questions with Pastor Cape. Jo digs deeper into Beth’s relationship with Christina and experiments with hallucinogens.

Episode 10 - The Devil You Know

Jo confronts Christina and encounters a dangerous stranger. Farid struggles with Jo’s decision to go off her meds. A revelation about Beth brings him and Jo into the palm of the killer’s hand.


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