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Christmas Special
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9:00pm ~ 10:00pm

Week 52 2023 : Sat 23 Dec - Fri 29 Dec

Sun 03 Dec 2023

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The 1% Club Christmas Special

Lee Mack hosts a festive special of The 1% Club with all the Christmas bells and whistles. Every question is Christmas themed and our 100 contestants are hoping to make the holiday season even more special by winning up to £100,000. 

The 1% Club Christmas Special is not about what you learned at school or your ability to memorise facts – it’s about real intelligence. Everyone is on a level playing field, which means anyone can play along, making it perfect Christmas viewing for the whole family. 

Find out if any of the contestants managed to take home the perfect Christmas present by winning the Prize Pot and earning themselves a place in The 1% Club – an elite group of people who can honestly say they’re smarter than 99% of the population?


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