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    Thu 02 Jan 2020

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    Week 01 2020 : Sat 28 Dec - Fri 03 Jan

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    Wed 04 Dec 2019


Series overview:  

Newly promoted Detective Chief Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft (Sarah Parish) returns heading up a new merged police service. Revered by colleagues and delivering impressively low crime figures, Bancroft is riding a professional high. However, this success comes at a great cost as she’s left isolated and estranged from her beloved son Joe (Adam Long) and facing increasing pressure from her dangerous pact with crime boss Daanish Kamara (Ryan McKen). 

When a disturbing double murder brings her personal and professional life crashing together, she is forced to confront a chilling new enemy. With threats closing in from all sides, the repercussions of her past actions will come back to haunt her in ways she could never have expected.

Episode 2

With the evidence around the connors' murders building, Harper (David Avery) and the team are met with conflicting accounts. Taunted by one of the suspects and the trouble around the Kamara deal heating up, Elizabeth (Sarah Parish) is forced to choose between her professional and personal loyalties. Deserted by her allies, Elizabeth enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse.