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The Americans

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    2 of 13

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    Sat 22 Mar 2014
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    9.25pm - 10.20pm
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    Week 13 2014 : Sat 22 Mar - Fri 28 Mar
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Episode two - Cardinal
With the Directorate superiors in both Washington and Moscow caught completely off guard by the recent killings of their agents - and of their agents’ daughter - they scramble to learn who was responsible for the devastating attack.
With her family’s security potentially compromised, Elizabeth sticks close to home to keep a watchful eye on her children. When she receives a coded distress signal, Elizabeth is forced to venture out in the open and risk exposure in order to aid a young and inexperienced asset.
Outside the Consulate, Philip also searches for clues as to who betrayed his fellow agents, knowing full well he and his family could be the next to fall. He follows a lead and investigates an asset who may have been turned, and who may have had a hand in the brutal assassinations. 
Meanwhile, a “walk-in” – an American with an unsolicited offer to share sensitive information with the KGB – arrives unannounced at the Rezidentura, resulting in a flurry of activity in both the Russian Consulate and the FBI offices, and Nina’s suspicions surrounding the death of a friend are confirmed, strengthening her resolve against Stan and the Americans.