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DNA Journey

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    Tue 12 Apr 2022

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    Week 15 2022 : Sat 09 Apr - Fri 15 Apr

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    Wed 30 Mar 2022

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DNA Journey

Episode 2

Actors Dame Maureen Lipman and Rula Lenska who met on the set of Corrie, come together to embark on a journey to uncover their family history. A classic case of ‘Upstairs Downstairs’, Rula’s family are Polish Aristocracy while Maureen’s are trade from Hull.
What the two ladies don’t know, however, is how their families aren’t as poles apart as they think. There are some gobsmacking revelations waiting for them in Poland as Maureen is blown away by her unknown connection to Rula’s homeland.
From uncovering heroines, to palaces, to family fortunes, this episode has it all. However, most profoundly, our unlikely duo find their surprising friendship isn’t so surprising after all; when they look back into the past, it’s almost as if they were destined to be friends in the future.