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Series overview
Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend) returns in the lead role as young Morse, with Roger Allam (The Thick of It, Parade’s End) as his senior Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, in the second series of Endeavour, the phenomenally successful ITV crime drama and prequel to Inspector Morse.
The new series of Endeavour will comprise 4 x 120 minute films; Trove, Nocturne, Sway, and Neverland. All four are written by acclaimed screenwriter and Morse contributor, Russell Lewis. Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975, continues his association
Writer Russell Lewis said: "1966 brings Endeavour a fresh quartet of baffling mysteries set to test his brain and body to breaking point. Though offset by the possibility of love unlooked for, against a backdrop of growing change in Britain and the wider world, Endeavour must face a challenge that threatens to take from him all he holds dear... Family.  Friends. Colleagues. The old order changeth... but not without a fight.  To the death."
Endeavour debuted in 2012 as a feature length story to celebrate the 25th anniversary of inspector Morse. This became the highest performing new drama title to air on ITV that year. 
The first full series of Endeavour screened earlier in 2013, with each of the four episodes averaging 7.0m and a 25% share, making it one of the best performing drama series on ITV so far this year alongside Broadchurch and Mr Selfridge.
Episode two: Nocturne
July 1966. World Cup fever grips the nation, as Argentina face off against England in the  quarterfinals. In a sleepy corner of an Oxford museum, a septet of schoolgirls saunters  through the worldly exhibits. But in a closed-off enclave, a blade slashes, blood sprays crimson and a man falls to his death...
DC Endeavour Morse is one of the first on the scene in the killing of Adrian Weiss, an elderly gentleman with a specialism in heraldry and genealogy. His throat laid open, Weiss was slain by a katar - a ceremonial dagger with links to nineteenth century British India. The weapon will prove key to unlocking Weiss' final hours.
The mystery propels Endeavour to the Blythe Mount School for Girls; an establishment isolated in the summer months save for a skeleton staff and a handful of pupils.  A funereal pall hanging over the school stokes the young detective's sense of dread. He returns home to find an instruction ('SAVE ME') slipped into his coat pocket. Endeavour digs into the building's troubled history, determining a connection between Weiss' untimely fate and a series of murders on  the Blythe Mount grounds. Murders that  transpired almost a hundred years ago to the day and presently unsolved. Tensions teeter  over a knife-edge when one of the seven girls disappears into the night, without trace or explanation.
As the centenary of the murders loom and the malign presence within the school quickens  its pace, with devastating consequences,  Endeavour must retrace the hanging threads of  Weiss' remaining research. Spectres from the past threaten to crash into the present and  the bounds of the young detective's rational mind are tested.
Endeavour - Shaun Evans
DI Fred Thursday - Roger Allam
Ch Supt Reginald Bright - Anton Lesser
PC Strange - Sean Rigby
DS Peter Jakes - Jack Laskey
Dr Max Debryn - James Bradshaw
Dorothea Frazil - Abigail Thaw
Win Thursday - Caroline O’Neill
Joan Thursday - Sara Vickers
Sam Thursday - Jack Bannon
Monica - Shvorne Marks