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Gordon Gino & Fred: American Road Trip

  • Episode:

    2 of 4

  • Title:

    City Slickers

  • Transmission (TX):

    Thu 09 Apr 2020

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  • Time

    9.00pm - 10.00pm

  • Week:

    Week 15 2020 : Sat 04 Apr - Fri 10 Apr

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  • Published:

    Tue 24 Mar 2020

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Series overview

With a BAFTA-nomination and TV Choice Award under their belts following series one last year, Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are back and this time their RV is hitting the highways of Mexico and the USA for their most outrageous road trip yet.
Taking in the sights and culinary delights of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas and Tijuana, the trio’s antics will include wallet-busting burgers, dune buggy racing, goat yoga, spear fishing, cowboy capers, fine wines and wild wrestling. What could possibly go wrong?
Featuring extreme adventures, sumptuous feasts and their own distinctive brand of bickering and ego-bashing, this is food on tour like never before. And with all three amigos battling it out to be king of the kitchen as well as king of the road, prepare for more bad behaviour, banter and bromance than ever before.

Produced by Studio Ramsay for ITV.

Episode 2: City Slickers

In episode two, the guys are in Nevada and begin the next phase of their trip in style - in a helicopter above the Grand Canyon. As they fly over one of the greatest natural wonders of the world to explore the best of the American wild west, Gordon is impressed: “Oh my god. Incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

As Fred admits that seeing the canyon has been a lifelong dream, sadly the moment is lost on Gino, who doesn’t like helicopters and is breathing heavily until it’s over. Fred says: “Gino is breathing like he’s giving birth…do you want the bag Gino? Are you going to be sick?”

Back on firm ground, the guys head to Willow Beach in the desert for a spot of trout fishing in the mighty Colorado River.  While Gordon and Fred take to canoes to reach the best fish, Gino opts to set up his rod from the roof of the RV.

Competitive as ever, Gordon is determined to land the catch of the day: “Fred, I’ve done fishing more than you’ve served plates…I could spend all day and all night here. Can I just tell you something really truthfully? The only time I get to relax any time of the year is when I’m fishing.”

Gino is less patient and quickly gives up, taking the easy option of secretly buying a trout from a local fisherman: “If I don’t have to waste two hours of my life fishing, rock and roll. Let it be.”

Gordon and Fred race each other back to shore in their canoes as Gino cooks a delicious supper of grilled prickly pear cactus and his great American trout, before the trio bed down in Betty the RV for the night.

The following day Gordon is back behind the wheel heading to Las Vegas when he unintentionally pulls out in front of a large convoy of Harley Davidson bikes, who don’t react well. But soon the world-famous Las Vegas Strip is in their sights and Gino and Fred are astonished to find themselves surrounded by giant billboards featuring Gordon’s face, to promote his restaurants.

Gino tells him: “There is marketing. And there is taking the mick. If anyone doesn’t like’s going to be their worst nightmare!”

Adamant that Vegas is the new cutting edge of cuisine, Gordon declares that he is going to show the guys a burger that is going to blow their minds - with a hefty price tag of $777.

Gordon heads to the kitchen to help prepare the burger of American Wagyu beef, sliced lobster, foie gras, pancetta and American goats’ cheese all topped with 100-year-old balsamic vinegar. To Fred’s horror, the burger is served accompanied with vintage champagne: “Why do you have this kind of champagne with a burger? It’s like a sacrilege.”

Gordon and Gino agree the burger tastes fantastic but Fred is less convinced by the whole experience: “It’s very difficult to eat this kind of food without a fork and a knife. You obviously are both straight from the cave but in France we are a bit more sophisticated.”

Everything in Vegas is excessive and gambling makes a billion dollars a month for the casinos. The guys hit the craps tables in Caesars Palace to try their luck, with the help of some local showgirls and an array of complementary cocktails.

The next stop on their culinary road trip is Arizona, to experience the ultimate cowboy country. American food has a bad reputation in the UK and Gordon wants to show Gino and Fred that times have changed, by taking them to a beef farm with some of the best grass-fed beef in the country.

The ranch covers 230 square miles, but first the guys have to earn their beef by rounding up herds of cattle on the mountains on horseback. Which quickly proves every bit as difficult as it sounds.

Later they are invited to taste some of the prime beef, with no part of the animal off the menu, including the testicles…

Finally this week, the boys hit Route 66 to Los Angeles, Gordon’s home from home. Gordon leaves Gino and Fred to be tinsel town tourists in Hollywood while he heads to his house in Bel Air to prepare lunch with his mum, Helen. He explains: “My mum taught me to cook when I was five and she remains my harshest critic.”

Gordon is determined to showcase the ultimate American burger while Gino and Fred decide to compete with a European version to reflect their homelands, in what becomes a BBQ burger battle. Gordon’s mum is left to judge the winner and the loser’s forfeit is to jump naked into Gordon’s pool…