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The Durrells

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    Sun 30 Apr 2017
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 18 2017 : Sat 29 Apr - Fri 05 May
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Episode 2
Larry [Josh O’Connor] is excited, his latest novel is being published in England today, however, everyone seems far too busy to notice. Even Louisa [Keeley Hawes] is more concerned with baking for the market. Gutted that the family haven’t even read his novel, Larry is further disappointed when his attempts to show it off at a local bar go unnoticed. 
Leslie’s [Callum Woodhouse] interest is piqued when he overhears Margo [Daisy Waterstone] and Pavlos [Nikos Orestis Chaniotakis] discussing how kumquat liquor is made. Seeing this as a potential business venture, he ropes Larry into his scheme who becomes more attentive when he learns how quickly it can be made.  Margo, however, is unhappy that they are stealing the monk’s recipe. 
Hugh [Daniel Lapaine] informs Louisa that he has told Vasilia [Errika Bigiou] it is over between them and begs Louisa to come to supper. Will Louisa agree?
Theo [Yorgos Karamihos] is the only person to have read and loved Larry’s novel but Louisa cuts Larry to the quick by suggesting he could make more money writing greeting card sentiments.  If he fails as a writer maybe Hugh could give him a job at his olive press. Feeling unusually sorry for Larry, Leslie urges Louisa to be kinder to his brother and tells her how her disinterest in his novel is upsetting him. 
When Louisa discovers that Gerry [Milo Parker] spent the night with Roger searching for a female otter she realises she has got the balance wrong between allowing her children freedom and supervising them. Her first apology is to Larry, claiming she will help with his writing career and demands everyone read his novel – except Gerry as it’s too rude. 
Following Gerry’s recent antics and feral look Louisa insists he needs teaching. Banning him from leaving the garden she makes Lugaretzia [Anna Savva] his keeper. 
In an attempt to get his otters to mate, Gerry plays them the guitar, but it seems doubtful this will prove successful. 
In order to make things up to Larry, Louisa decides to arrange a reading evening.  But will the event be all she and Larry hope for?
Series overview
Keeley Hawes reprises her role as Louisa Durrell as she and the rest of the cast of the The Durrells return for series two of the popular ITV series.  The 6 x 60’ hour series is produced by Sid Gentle Films Ltd.
In the new series Larry (Josh O’Connor) continues to pursue his passion for writing despite a new romance getting in the way; Leslie (Callum Woodhouse) decides to explore his entrepreneurial spirit; Margo (Daisy Waterstone) remains boy crazy and makes a play for someone thoroughly unsuitable; and Gerry (Milo Parker), who prefers animals to people, is delighted when he discovers an otter is living close to home.
Daniel Lapaine joins the cast as Hugh Jarvis - an English gentleman who sets his sight on Louisa. But after her failed attempt at marrying Sven, will Louisa be ready for a new man in her life?