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Absolutely India: Mancs in Mumbai

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    2 of 6

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    Wed 06 May 2020

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    8.00pm - 8.30pm

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    Week 19 2020 : Sat 02 May - Fri 08 May

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  • Published:

    Wed 22 Apr 2020

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Series overview

The Thomas Brothers have been entertaining viewers for 20 years on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows. This new six-part series sees the celebrity siblings like we’ve never seen them before, as they embark on a trip of a lifetime to explore their Indian heritage. 

Joined by father Dougie, a music promoter and lead singer of 70s band Dougie James and the Soul Train, the Thomas Brothers head on the ultimate journey of discovery, exploring their Indian roots in the hope of seeking out long lost relatives.  Along the way, the family will provide their distinctive take on this colourful country bringing their brotherly warmth and affection along with their infectious humour.  

Leaving life in Manchester behind, the boys experience all that India has to offer, from the iconic sights of Mumbai to the glorious beaches of Goa. As the lads immerse themselves in the culture of a country that plays a huge part in their family history, viewers also get an insight into the boy’s undeniable bond as brothers. 

Episode 2

In episode two, TV stars Ryan, Adam and Scott Thomas continue on their trip of a lifetime alongside dad Dougie to finally discover their Indian heritage. 

Exploring all that India has to offer, the boys immerse themselves in this unique culture.  Having previously explored the rich and vibrant food at one the city’s most popular markets, the brothers now attempt some male grooming Mumbai style.   Heading to the popular street markets which are home to a various array of Indian barbers, Ryan and Adam, still smarting from the inimitable culinary dish Fire Paan, which saw them eat food that was set on fire, watch bemused as brother Scott now tries one of the city’s experimental hair cutting techniques. 

With their infectious jostling and brotherly banter, the boys can’t help but challenge each other to try some unconventional traditions as they leave their comfort zones firmly back in the North of England and attempt to experience what life was like for their beloved grandad Nolan, who was born in Mumbai and left in 1947 to settle in the UK.  

Getting a tip to visit the ‘hottest’ hairdresser in town the boys get more than they bargained for as they soon discover that ‘hottest’ stands for the unique hair cutting technique which involves setting fire to the hair.     

Told by the hairdresser that it will give volume, removing all the dry and dead hair, Scott is first up, but his nerves only cause his family to affectionately unleash their distinctive humour. 

Dad Dougie, jokes, “I should have bought some marshmallows” as the hairdresser sets fire to his son’s hair.   

After the haircut, Ryan quips, “You’ve got a bald patch”. But Adam adds, “Nah that was already there”. 

Adam however, opts to have the traditional ear cleaning on the side of a street, much to the amusement of dad Dougie. 

A nervous Adam asks “Does it hurt?”   He continues, “It feels so weird dad.”  But afterwards he jokes to brothers Ryan and Scott, “It was amazing everything seems a lot louder!” 

As the family continue to explore one of the most populated countries in the world, they opt for some much needed time out and head to the renowned meditation mecca, the Vipassana Pagoda in the north west of Mumbai. 

Set in a vast and expansive building Ryan jokingly compares it to Manchester’s largest shopping centre, “(it has) the feel of the Trafford Centre,” and as the boys attempt to switch off from their surroundings and be quiet for one minute, Ryan then adds, “That’s a long time for my brothers to say silent!” 

Back in the heart of Mumbai and hoping to unlock the mystery surrounding their grandad’s early years, one of things that has puzzled the brothers is that whilst their Grandad came from India, they have a British surname.  To try and get answers, they head back to their Grandad’s school and meet up once again with headmistress Blossom Lillywhite and soon discover that they are in fact Angelo Indian, something they never knew until now. 

To the families delight, Blossom also revealed that they were going to meet their very first family member, a cousin named Keshia.  

Heading to the iconic and affluent Marine Drive, a beautiful promenade that curves along the Arabian sea, the nerves kick in for the brothers who admit that they are worried about meeting their cousin, with Adam confessing, “I’m a little bit nervous what if she doesn’t like us.’  But after just a few minutes in Keshia’s company any worries soon disappear. 

However, unbeknownst to the brothers, the similarities continue to unfold as Keshia is also an entertainer and sings in some of the city’s most popular bars and clubs.  As the boys and Dougie join Keshia at one of her events, she invites Dougie, who used to sing with 70s band Dougie James and the Soul Train, to join her on stage.  With emotions running high, the brothers watch proudly as their dad delights the crowd with some classic hits.    

After seeing his dad perform, an emotional Ryan confesses, “It always has been emotional watching my dad sing.  When I was growing up my dad had this tape and I used to listen to it every night before bed and it was something I was holding on to when he left.  The song he’s singing on the stage tonight was the same song, it was my memory when he wasn’t there.  It gets you.” 

With Keshia also revealing that there are other Thomas’s in and around the area, what lies in store for the brothers as they continue to explore their Indian roots?