Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

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Series 5: Latin America
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Week 02 2023 : Sat 07 Jan - Fri 13 Jan

Wed 21 Dec 2022

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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney Walsh are back on the road for another epic road trip. This time they’re in for a real culture shock as they head further afield to Latin America. 

Episode 2:

The Walsh’s continue their Latin American road trip. Still in Mexico and after ending the last episode on a cliff hanger, with the boys on the side of a mountain, we rejoin them to see if Bradley can complete the final part of the challenge, which requires him to swing across the top of the mountain, with nothing but a terrifying drop below him.

Once recovered the guys head towards Mexico’s coast, which is renowned for its beautiful beaches, although Barney has other plans for his dad as he’s arranged for them to venture deep inside a pitch-dark cave, that’s home to hanging snakes and thousands of bats. They finally get to have some fun at a local waterpark before joining the cast of Cirque Du Soleil.  



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