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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

  • Episode: 

    2 of 4

  • Transmission (TX): 

    Wed 09 Jan 2019
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 02 2019 : Sat 05 Jan - Fri 11 Jan
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Series overview
Actor Bradley Walsh and his 20-year-old son Barney are hitting the road together for a brand-new four-part series, travelling over 2000 miles from Los Angeles to New Orleans. They might be father and son but when it comes to travelling they are worlds apart, with Bradley keen to relax while Barney wants to live life a little more on the edge. Worried his old man is too stuck in his ways, Barney has decided to take matters into his own hands with an adventurous trip that his dad will never forget.
With Barney about to turn 21 and leave home, he has convinced Bradley this is the perfect time for a father and son trip in the US. Starting in the showbiz capital of the world, LA, they will travel through Arizona and Texas to New Orleans in the deep south, with plenty of surprises along the way. Adrenaline junkie Barney is determined to push Bradley to his limits with alligator feeding, cowboy training, intense space simulators, driving and firing tanks AND - Brad’s worst nightmare - a small spot of sky diving all on the secret agenda. It’s sure to be one hell of a ride.
Episode 2
In episode two, Barney and Bradley leave LA behind them and head into the desert towards Arizona as they venture onto the famous Route 66. Barney tells Bradley that after years of watching Westerns, he’s decided his dad should go to cowboy college.
On the way, they call at Roy’s Café to have their picture taken with the café’s sign - which is one of the most photographed signs in the world. The café is famous for offering a welcome break from the sun for bikers travelling down Route 66. 
Bradley and Barney chat to the bikers and Bradley asks if he and Barney can have a ride down Route 66 on the back of their Harley Davidsons.
Afterwards Bradley says: “The heat, the open road, that was extraordinary.” 
Next stop is Lake Havasu City, a town created by chainsaw tycoon Robert MuCulloch who, in 1967, spent 10 million dollars buying London Bridge to put his town on the map. MuCulloch had the bridge shipped over from England and it now provides passage across the lake and is festooned with Union Jacks.
Bradley and Barney stop to have their picture taken by the bridge and have a cup of tea, but whilst Bradley relaxes, Barney plans a spot of water-skiing on the lake. Bradley is adamant he is not taking part, but, after being impressed by Barney, he decides to have a go. However, he discovers it’s not as easy as it looks….
The next day Barney wakes his dad with a water pistol in the face so they can head off to Arizona Cowboy College deep in the Sonoran Desert. Before they go, Bradley insists on having his usual cup of tea and a biscuit – despite the 50 degree heat….
The pair have a singalong and are in good spirits when they arrive at cowboy school, but are soon sent away to get changed out of their inappropriate shorts and t-shirts and into some cowboy clobber.
First on the agenda is lassoing. Bradley and Barney are shown the ropes before competing to see who can lasso the model cow the most times. Next the pair meet the horses which they need to groom and saddle before mounting them and proving their riding skills so they can take part in a cattle drive. Cattle drives are fast moving and can be dangerous, so they can only join in once they are confident on their horses. 
Once they’re given the go ahead, nerves set in. Barney says: “This is nuts.”
Bradley says: “Yes, you’re right, this is nuts. I’m now herding cattle, I’ve only just got on the horse. How the heck? It’s like getting in a car and then someone saying, ‘Lewis Hamilton is injured, can you take over in the F1 Grand Prix?’”
Some of the bulls weigh up to a tonne and Barney and Bradley have to work together to keep things under control. Barney struggles to direct his horse and some of the cattle escape through a gap – will they be able to get their act together and get the cattle in check?
Afterwards Barney says: “I was bricking it.”
As the ranch owners, Lorri and Rocco review their work as cowboys, they round off their day in the desert with a singalong around the campfire.
Produced by Hungry Bear Media for ITV.