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Martin Lewis' Extreme Savers

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    2 of 4

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    Wed 19 May 2021

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    8.00pm - 8.30pm

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    Week 20 2021 : Sat 15 May - Fri 21 May

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    Wed 05 May 2021

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Martin Lewis' Extreme Savers

Series overview

"It feels a little scary to start off with. But we were using these cloths as wet wipes, for our kids. So actually, we felt like, 'Oh why would that suddenly change when they’re out of nappies?' And if it’s good enough for them, why is it not good enough for me?" - Extreme saver Charlotte Jessop on reusable toilet rolls

In this new four-part series, ITV's financial guru Martin Lewis introduces some of Britain's most extreme savers - who are willing to keep hold of their cash.

From those who utilise reusable toilet rolls to those who shower in rainwater, to foraging for food and living off-grid - this programme features people who have made it their life's mission to save as much cash as they can, often using the advice of Martin, but taking it even further.

A MultiStory Media production for ITV

Episode 2

In the second episode of this new series Martin introduces us to more of Britain’s super savers happy to go to extremes to keep hold of their cash. This week we meet the woman who  went from big debts to owning her own home - by living in her sister's garage for two years. And the family who’re saving hundreds by foraging for their food.