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Long Lost Family Born Without Trace

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    2 of 3

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    Tue 25 May 2021

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 21 2021 : Sat 22 May - Fri 28 May

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    Wed 12 May 2021

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Long Lost Family Born Without Trace

Series overview

The BAFTA-nominated programme returns for a third series, as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reveal more astonishing stories of foundlings desperate to discover their identities and meet birth family, after a lifetime of not knowing where they came from.

Foundlings are people abandoned as babies, often in the first hours and days of their lives.  Born without trace, with no birth record or name, until now they have been unable to solve the ultimate mystery of their lives – who they are.

Over the last four years, the team behind Long Lost Family has combined cutting-edge genetic genealogy with DNA testing technology to try to help more than 30 foundlings unlock the secrets of their past.

The stories in this brand new series span five decades: from a woman left over 70 years ago on a luggage rack of a train in Paddington station, to a young man left in toilets near a football stadium in Wolverhampton as recently as 1989.

Episode 2

Episode two contains two similarly jaw-dropping stories, a woman left on a luggage rack of a train in Paddington station just after World War II, and a young foundling left by a church in Liverpool in 1987.

74-year-old Marguerite Huggett believes that she’s reached her last chance of finding anyone alive who might be able to tell her anything about her beginnings. With nothing to go on and no names on her birth certificate, she wonders if her father could have been a soldier passing through London after the war and whether her mother could have been travelling on the train where Marguerite was found or lived in the Paddington area. But she has had no way of knowing the truth: “It’s knowing the reason that I was abandoned, that’s the drive to find my birth parents.”

By placing her DNA on an online database that traces birth relatives, and following a three-year investigation of the initial matches, the search team remarkably discovers the identity of both her birth mother and her birth father...

Rachel Selby has always thought she was left on church steps in Liverpool but has never dared to go back to see the site of her abandonment. Now for the first time she returns and meets the priest living next door, who tells her she was actually discovered on the doorstep of his Presbytery and that he believes her mother must have known him and his church and left her there deliberately to be safe.

Although this information offers Rachel comfort, she is still left wanting to know where she came from. Rachel explains: “I need to know the truth, it’s still this burning desire. Everybody deserves to know their identity.”...