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Happy Families

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    2 of 4

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    The Kids’ Tale
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    Thu 20 Jun 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 25 2013 : Sat 15 Jun - Fri 21 Jun
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Series synopsis:
One ordinary week, four extraordinary families.  
Filled with hilarity and heartbreak, ITV’s new documentary series, Happy Families, looks behind Britain’s net curtains for an intimate insight into how we as families live, love and laugh. More than the individual story of each family, by capturing life issues that resonate across the generational, social, cultural and geographical fabric of the country, the series sets out to show what it means to be a family in Britain today.
With cameras placed on fixed rigs throughout the home, capturing every moment from breakfast to bedtime, we filmed four families for one week each.  From the north of England to the south coast, toddlers to teenagers, child birth to marriage, from the breadline to middle class comfort – we interweave our four families to reveal what makes them the same and sets them apart, and what it means to be a happy family.
Episode Two: The Kids’ Tale 
Each family faces very different parenting challenges.  Whether you’re looking after toddlers, teenagers or adults – the work of a parent is never done.  
In Kent, parents Keith and Carole are old hands at parenting. They have been practising for the last 22 years and now they have their hands full with a house of eight children, six over the age of 18. Despite the fact that the kids are grown up, Keith and Carole are still parenting.  But it’s no longer mopping up after grazed knees or arguing about homework. Instead they are making a stand – to get them to grow up and pay up. The ‘kids’ however have other priorities.
Kris is just starting out in the parenting game. Eighteen months ago he was a single bachelor in Blackburn before he met mum of four, Mel. Now he’s swapped nights at the pub for nappies and his life is about navigating the challenging role of step dad and dad. His intentions are good but he’s a beginner, and wife Mel gets protective when he brings his version of rules and authority to the table. 
In Nottingham, T and Tahmina are just entering the treacherous territory of teenage daughters. They have laid down rules about the importance of a good work ethic, respect for your family and yourself. Fourteen-year-old daughter, Rashiqa thinks they are ‘old school’ and don’t really understand what it is to be a teenager today.