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Eat, Shop, Save

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    2 of 4

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    Thu 20 Jul 2017
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 29 2017 : Sat 15 Jul - Fri 21 Jul
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Episode 2
This brand new four-part series presented by Ranvir Singh gives families an eight-week challenge to get fitter, eat better, and save money on their shopping.
With the help of chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock, finance guru Gemma Godfrey and fitness consultant Tom Pitfield, Ranvir aims to turn their lives around by ditching junk food, getting a grip on their spending and focusing on their health.
In a time of rising inflation, with families feeling burned out, when weekly grocery budgets are being stretched by high prices at the checkouts, and with the UK being the second most obese country in Europe, Ranvir and her team of experts meet a new family each week, who are facing a range of issues.
They include a family whose teatimes are based around processed freezer food, and a dad who needs to lose weight or face potential health issues like diabetes and heart disease.
This week, Ranvir and her team of experts are in Wigan, helping a busy working family who are ‘addicted’ to takeaway pizzas.