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SIR MICHAEL CAINE speaks in a rare and exclusive interview about his life and career as he sits down for an interview for the first time in nearly a decade
SUE PERKINS takes dancing lessons from Sir Michael as he interviews her
SYLVESTER STALLONE & MICHAEL B JORDAN speak about working together and look to their future careers. Sylvester also speaks about winning his Golden Globe
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by Sir Michael Caine for his first sit down interview in nearly a decade. Sylvester Stallone, the Hollywood legend behind the Rambo and Rocky films also joined the sofa, fresh from winning a Golden Globe. Plus, one of America’s most exciting young talents, from Creed, Fantastic Four and The Wire, Michael B Jordan is a guest as is TV presenter and comedian, Sue Perkins.
Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winner, Sir Michael Caine, spoke to Jonathan in a rare and exclusive interview about his life and astonishing career, which spans an incredible seven decades.
Reflecting on getting older and the change in parts he gets offered, Michael said: “At 83, you don’t get many offers of leading parts in movies, you usually play grandpas… I was about 60, 61 somewhere like that [when I noticed the parts I was being offered were changing] and I got a script and I read it and I sent it back to the producer saying the part is too small and he sent it back to me with a note saying, ‘I didn’t want you to play the lover, I wanted you to play the father’ and I thought uh oh, it’s over. You no longer get the girl you see, if you’re the star of the movie, you have to get the girl but then they started making pictures which was great for me and people my age, [where] you didn’t get the girl but you got the part. So I didn’t get the girl, I then won two Academy Awards.”
Speaking of retirement, the star said: “You don’t retire from movies, movies retire you. If you’re very unfortunate, in your first movie. It nearly happened to me and so you keep going…”
Michael - who has been married for 43 years - spoke about the secrets of a successful marriage.
“My marriage is fabulous... The secret of marriage is two bathrooms, you never want to share a bathroom with a woman.”
Speaking about the moment he felt like he had made it, Michael said: “I did a movie called The Ipcress File, a spy movie years ago and I got a very good review for it. I was waiting for the reviews to come out and the first one that came out was wonderful for me and I thought, ‘Now I’ve got a career…’”
He continued: “But then there is always a backlash in show business because I got this and I thought, ‘Ah this is fantastic, I’ve got a chance, I’ll be alright’ and then I made Alfie and I got the first review for Alfie, and it said ‘A wonderful play transferred to the screen and ruined by the central performance of Michael Caine’ and I nearly killed myself and that’s the first review then all the other reviews were very good but there’s always one guy who… actually it was a guy, he was a film critic of The Evening News. I’m still here and The Evening News isn’t, so be careful.”
Speaking about his success, Michael said he may not have had the career he has had if it wasn’t for writers writing for working class actors in the 60s.
“No chance at all,” he started, “because of the class system… I was a yobbo from the Elephant and Castle and we used to go and see war films but we used to go and see American war films not British war films because all British war films were about officers, all American war films were about private soldiers… And so there was this class thing but don’t get me started on that, I’ll bore the pants off you.”
Speaking about staying dear to his roots, Michael said: “My mother was the one who symbolised everything for me. I was very close to my mother. My mother was a cockney charlady and she always had the right sort of words for it and one day she said to me, she said ‘How much do you make for a film?’ so I said ‘a million pounds’ so she said ‘how much is that?’”
He continued: “She didn’t want to interfere with anything to do with me.”
Michael spoke about one of his other films, Jaws 4 and admitted that he had never seen it. “I’ve never seen it. Somebody said, ‘Have you ever seen Jaws 4?’ I said ‘No, but I’ve seen the house it bought for my mum, it’s fantastic!’” he laughed.
When Jonathan said that it wasn’t as bad as some people say, Michael said he might get it before joking, “The bleeding shark didn’t even work on that, I thought we were in trouble when the shark didn’t work. You see the shark and a guy comes out of the mouth with a spanner!” he laughed.
Speaking about his favourite movie out of all of his successes, the star said: “I suppose Alfie has to be the one because it made me a star in America as well and it was my first nomination for an Academy Award but others that I loved, The Man Who Would Be King, that comradeship with Sean [Connery] and I because we were friends anyway.”
Speaking about another classic film, Michael said: “The Italian Job was an amazing thing for me because I had no driving license” he said before admitting his stunt double was a tall blonde woman in the stunt driving team.
Speaking about the famous ending, he said: “We had a sequel. What happened was, we were in the South of France, we switched on the engine and ran the engine for several hours and then the gold was at one end and we were at the other, the engine ran out of petrol so the balance went alright. We got out of the coach then the weight of the gold pushed it over once we were gone to the bottom of the cliff. Waiting at the bottom of the cliff was the French mafia and they ran off with it and the sequel was we chase the French mafia through the French Riviera so it’d be ‘The French Job.’”
Continuing, he said: “And the reason it didn’t work was it went to America and I went to America to do the publicity and the poster was a gangster with a machine gun sitting with a stark naked woman on his lap and I said, ‘What’s this for? There’s no naked women in the picture. Men who want to see naked women will go to the picture and walk out and women with children won’t go and see it. This is made for kids and fun,’ and I had this big row and I came home and I never publicised the picture and so it died in America and so it never got made again.”
Michael admitted he had to re-dub his lines in the show when it was sold in America. Explaining that the Director asked him to redo all of the 140 lines in the movie, Michael said: “He said ‘it’s got a release in America and they don’t know what you’re bloody talking about’ and I did those loops for America so they understood and it was a massive hit in America but if you see the copy in America, I look like I can’t do a cockney accent because I’ve straightened it out.”
Sharing other showbiz secrets, he also admitted that Cilla Black’s title song wasn’t in the original film. “When that film went to America, Burt Bacharach saw it in a preview, wrote the song and put it on the end titles. It was nothing to do with England at all.” 
The Great British Bake Off’s Sue Perkins joined the sofa. In a turn of events, film icon, Michael, took over as presenter and started interviewing Sue. Joking with host, Jonathan, Michael said: “I’m taking over your job now, I’m interviewing her, you can have an hour off!” Jonathan joked about leaving his seat.
Sue spoke about writing a book about her life and Michael spoke about his personal life and said that in the 60s, he was known as ‘Disco Mike’: “All I did was dance in discotheques!” he said. Michael then taught Sue how to ‘do the twist’ and showed off his dance moves. [Pictures available]
Hollywood legend, Sylvester Stallone, joined the sofa alongside rising star, Michael B Jordan. 
The co-stars in new movie, Creed, spoke about working together and hopes to do it again.
Sylvester said: “I was so happy that I finally got the last Rocky Balboa done… it got done, I was very satisfied with the results. That was 2006 and I thought, OK this is my crowning accomplishment. I was so happy with it, wave goodbye to the audience then eight years later [pretends to knock on the door and mimics director Ryan Coogler speaking to him] he goes, ‘I’m an unknown filmmaker, I haven’t made any movies yet, but I have this idea of bringing you back.’”
Speaking about not doing as much action in this film, Sylvester said: “I get off easy… It’s really surreal when I think, I’ve grown up in the shadow of my old character and I realise, I’m now Burgess Meredith. If you all remember Burgess, he was my original trainer and we’re the same age so it’s just incredible, Do you know what I mean? It’s just surreal.” 
Michael spoke about his mother and how she keeps him in check: “My mom just moved back in with me, it’s definitely a change of pace, walking around with more clothes on…” he laughed, “She fully supports what I do, she’s my conscience and my spirit, she keeps me grounded.”
Sylvester also spoke about his mother, Jackie: “My mother is very unique, I can’t say but she’s doing pilates and tap dancing and things that should be just against the laws of nature,” he laughed.
On winning his Golden Globe at this week’s ceremony, Sylvester said: “It was fantastic, you have a few crossroads in your life and you say this happened and Rocky happened but to have the kids there, the wife there and the audience was packed with the most talented human beings in Hollywood and I thought I was coming in from a different area in the action world and usually those two worlds don’t meet ever… It was a choice I made but the fact that I was reintroduced into this mainstream, it was fantastic and to have my daughters there... Because they hate my movies, they go ‘Rambo ew, does he ever take a shower? Does he have to stab everyone? He has issues, he has seriously social issues’ and then all of a sudden with Creed, Creed has the most extraordinary music in it, coupled with Michael’s youthful enthusiasm, the director’s style, they went ‘Finally you’ve made a decent film!’”
On whether we will see Rocky on screen again, possibly in another Creed movie, Sylvester said: “We’re hoping that it will be because his journey is just beginning, his life is just starting, he has this love affair in the movie and that's just blossoming so yes, I would hope so yes.”
Michael spoke about his idol, Bear Grylls: “Bear is a childhood hero of mine. I went on the show Running Wild with Bear Grylls and we went to Wales and I ate boiled worms which was not as good as it sounds, and I jumped out of a helicopter into the sea and that was probably the sink or swim kind of moment.”
When he and Jonathan asked if Sly would ever consider doing the programme, he said, “Never, tell him to call Arnold!” and laughed.
On whether there might be any more Expendables movies, Sylvester said: “I don’t know… I don’t think it would be next. I’d like to do something that was a little bit more dramatic and test the metal kind of a thing but I have learned you can never say no, you never know what’s going to happen in this business.” He does say there will definitely be no more Rambo films though.
Finally, Sylvester spoke about auditioning for the part of Han Solo in Star Wars: “First of all, you don’t see Italians in space… So I went in and I knew I was wrong and George Lucas is sitting there and you know when you walk in instantly that this is not going to go well when the director does this [Sylvester puts his face in hands] Because he’s so shy and I’ll never forget there was a fly walking across his desk and that was the most action in the room… Eventually I said ‘I’ll make it simple, I look terrible in leotards, I get it’ and he goes ‘thank you.’ And then of course Harrison Ford, I can’t believe he got it, wow… I said, ‘Harrison take over, I’m done, I’m out of here!’”