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    2 of 6

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    Down Among the Fearful (2/2)
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    Mon 14 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 3 2013 : Sat 12 Jan - Fri 18 Jan
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The much-loved series of Lewis returns to ITV1. This seventh series comprises of three stories, each in 2 x 1 hour episodes. 
The series, starring Kevin Whately as Inspector Robbie Lewis, and Laurence Fox as his partner DS James Hathaway, will see the pair once again investigating murders against the back drop of the ancient city of Oxford. 
Clare Holman also returns as Dr Laura Hobson, and Rebecca Front as Chief Superintendent Innocent. 
Down Among the Fearful (2/2): 
LEWIS (Kevin Whately) and HOBSON (Clare Holman) are examining the body of murdered VICKI WALMSLEY (Tuppence Middleton) when a theft of etorphine is reported by the Garsington Equine Centre. The drug was last used a year earlier on a horse that injured its teenage rider, JOSHUA GRACE (Adam Wadsworth) – the brother-in-law of Reuben Beatty, the first murder victim. 
Another familiar name is on the list of Garsington volunteers – psychic JUSTINE SKINNER (Beatie Edney). Despite her connection, Justine was in custody when Vicki was killed. The other major suspect, ANDREW CRANE (Neil Stuke), also has an alibi for the time of her death. 
Joshua’s mother JANE GRACE (Emily Joyce) admits she saw Reuben on the day of his murder, but denies any wrongdoing. POLLY BEATTY (Catherine Steadman), Reuben’s wife, surrenders her husband’s appointment book, which reveals an unknown client who went by the initials of ‘K.D.’ 
Lewis and Hathaway search through Crane’s files and find a vital clue that leads them towards the killer, and an arrest. Following the case the relieved detectives take some time out to contemplate life, death and the higher powers.