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The Magaluf Weekender

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    2 of 6

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    Sun 13 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 3 2013 : Sat 12 Jan - Fri 18 Jan
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First to check into the hotel this week, are three small town lads from Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Best mates Harry and Tom, both 19, have come away with Tom's younger cousin Sean, 18 and all three single boys are on the look-out for love. 
Harry and Tom admit they aren't good with women but Sean is more confident and hopes that the other lads will follow his lead and conquer their self-esteem issues this weekend. 
Sharing the room next door are gorgeous identical twins; Pearl and Ruby from Bow, East London. The girls are an instant hit with the one of the reps, ladies man Jordan. “I don’t know what to say”, says Jordan, “You know that’s every boys fantasy? Two, fit twins!” 
After meeting them at the pool, hapless Harry and Tom immediately fall hook, line and sinker for the girls too. They then make a plan for the evening. Sean says, “Best thing to do is to go clubbing tonight with them. First club, if not one of us ‘tashes on to them we’ll just ditch them and go onto the next club.” 
That night the group head out onto the town and Tom looks all set to make a move on Pearl before ruining his own chances by getting totally wasted. 
The following day Sean berates Harry and Tom for not being more forward with the twins, “I just think you’re going to waste your weekend in the friend zone. If they were doing to do something (with you) by now they’d have done it.” 
The difficult relationship between reps Jaime-Leigh and Imogen continues to be tense as they share a room. Talking about Imogen, Jaime-Leigh says, “For me she is the exact opposite of everything I would want to be. The people she associates with, the things they talk about, there’s nothing about her that I like.” 
Imogen says: “She’ll say, ‘Hi babe, are you ok, how has your day been’ and then next minute she’s behind my back mimicking me. I just think it’s so two faced, so bitchy. She looks down people a lot. I feel like I’ve been nit picked a lot since I’ve been here. I thought I could take it on the chin but….” She’s unable to continue as she bursts into tears. 
That evening reps Jordan and Brett give the boys a makeover, including a wax, in a bid to help them impress the girls on the bar crawl organised for that night. 
Jamie-Leigh and Imogen are leading the bar crawl but have become increasingly uncomfortable in each other’s company. Jamie-Leigh says, “ I do feel bad for judging her but she is a bit of a dirty little chav. That’s just who she is.” 
The group hit the strip and Tom and Harry are on a mission to pull the twins. Everyone is in high spirits and Sean has taken a shine to Jamie-Leigh. After a quick round of Snog, Marry, Avoid and a sex positions game on the dance floor of a club, the night takes an unexpected turn for the worst. 
While she chats to Sean outside a bar, a passing reveller slaps Jamie-Leigh on the bum, which triggers a spectacular public catfight between her and Imogen. 
The argument ruins the evening for everyone except Sean, who in a fortunate twist of fate uses the situation to his advantage and ends up becoming Jamie Leigh's knight in shining armour. 
The following day sees the last night in Magaluf for both groups. Harry, Tom and Sean plan a, last chance, special meal for the twins and Jaime-Leigh who all agree to go out with them. 
Hopes are high that they will all end the evening pulling the girls of their dreams but will they finally be able to pull it off?