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The Secret Life of Our Pets

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    Tue 18 Jan 2022

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    Week 03 2022 : Sat 15 Jan - Fri 21 Jan

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    Wed 05 Jan 2022

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The Secret Life of Our Pets

Episode 2: Intelligence

We get inside the minds of our pets to discover how our pets are using their intelligence to conquer the human world. Using skills developed in the wild we discover how budgies pick intelligence over looks and why parrots are so good at dancing, how rats can learn to drive cars, a rabbit can play basketball and tortoises can solve a maze. With the help of the latest science we reveal how our pets are smarter, funnier and more adaptable than we ever thought possible. And in a timely reassessment of how good our pets brainpower really is, this film demonstrates how the happier and more stimulated our pets are, the smarter they become.