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Long Lost Family

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    2 of 7

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    Tue 24 Jul 2018
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 30 2018 : Sat 21 Jul - Fri 27 Jul
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Series overview
The award-winning documentary series Long Lost Family returns to ITV for a brand new series, as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing relatives. Series 8 features seven heart-warming new episodes, helping relatives reunite with the loved ones they have been desperately searching for and answering questions that have haunted people for years.
Episode 2
This episode features two stories of new beginnings: a woman separated from her mother because of a tragic twist of fate; and our first transgender searcher, desperate to know if their birth mother will accept them.
Maria Roberts had a happy adoption growing up with an English family, but her life could have been very different. Her adoption papers revealed that her birth mother, Gilda, was a young Italian woman who had been hoping to marry Maria’s Italian father. Tragically, shortly before Maria’s birth, he was killed in a car accident. Aged just 22 and alone, Gilda travelled to the UK to give birth and gave Maria up for adoption.
As she learned more about Gilda’s circumstances, Maria realised how tough it must have been for her birth mother to go through a bereavement, the upheaval of moving to a foreign country and the wrench of giving up her child at such a tender age. ‘Just from that car accident, she’s lost absolutely everything. No marriage, no home, no family. It was all just taken away from her.’
Maria began searching for Gilda but found no trace of her in the UK. She is desperate to know what happened to Gilda, and whether she went back to her life in Italy. Above all she wants to reassure her she had a happy childhood. 
Our second story is a Long Lost Family first - a transgender woman desperate for acceptance, searching for the birth mother who gave her up as a baby boy.
Francesca Barnes is in the early stages of transitioning from male to female. She was born with the name Paul and given up for adoption as a baby. From accessing her adoption file, Francesca knows that her birth mother Norma had made the decision to give her baby up for adoption after becoming pregnant by a married man. Francesca wants to tell her birth mother that she understands that decision and has no resentment towards her. 
But Francesca is also aware that she is taking a big risk in searching for Norma. She dreams of her birth mother accepting and supporting her on her journey. However, she fears that her transition may be too challenging for Norma, and that she runs the risk of rejection.