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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next

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    Mon 05 Aug 2019

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    Week 32 2019 : Sat 03 Aug - Fri 09 Aug

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    Tue 23 Jul 2019

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    Wed 17 Jul 2019

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Long Lost Family: What Happened Next


Series overview


Over the past nine years, Long Lost Family has reunited over 200 people with missing relatives. But meeting is just the beginning; how easy is it to let a stranger into your family?


In this series, we find out ‘what happened next’; revisiting many of our most compelling stories and exploring the challenging, unexpected and emotional developments as new relationships are tested.


Episode 2


Episode 2 follows three families who have faced challenges building their new relationships.


Our first story catches up with Brenda Rhensius who approached us 8 years ago hoping to find her daughter Joanne. Amazingly, both mother and daughter now lived in South Africa and we were able to reunite them in Cape Town.  


Since that first meeting, Joanne has struggled with the relationship because of the loyalty she feels towards her adoptive mother. We catch up with her as she visits Brenda at her new home in Jersey and copes with the death of her adoptive mother.


In our second story, we catch up with former England rugby player Spencer Brown and his sister Margot who were reunited last year. Separated as infants, Spencer and Margot had very different experiences growing up; he had a happy, loving adoption, while she spent time in care. Now they are gradually trying to bring their two worlds together; introducing each other to key family members. We follow Margot and her son as they travel to Ireland to support Spencer in a Rugby Legends match. For Spencer it is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, ‘There were occasions when I was playing for England and I just thought I wonder if they are watching …’


Our third reunion was not originally shown on Long Lost Family because the situation was too sensitive for the cameras. It’s only now, three years after the family first met, that they feel ready to share their extraordinary experience.   


Hazel Stubbs Races gave her son Kenneth up for adoption in 1961, hoping that he would have a better life than she could give him. Sadly when we found him, we discovered that his life was nothing like Hazel had hoped. Kenneth had been homeless, he had a severe drink problem and had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. 


Fortunately, none of this stopped Hazel from loving him and, after they reunited, an incredible process of transformation began.