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Van Der Valk

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    2 of 3

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    Blood in Amsterdam

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    Sun 14 Aug 2022

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    8.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 33 2022 : Sat 13 Aug - Fri 19 Aug

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    Wed 03 Aug 2022

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Van Der Valk

Episode 2: Blood in Amsterdam

To commemorate the family matriarch and founder of Cuyper Diamonds, Geraldine Cuyer, her three children and heirs are launching a new range of diamonds in their mother’s memory. Having recently died following a failed heart transplant, her children are launching the 0708 range - the centrepiece of which is a star diamond with the ashes of Geraldine’s heart at its centre.

While the firm is still adjusting to Geraldine’s passing, and with her net worth upon her death at €13 billion - there is all to play for in the company restructuring.

But when the body of former diamond polisher Ahmed Baykam, is discovered cut into three pieces and left on the doorsteps of his employer’s houses, the dysfunctional Cuyper siblings, Van Der Valk and his team must question whether someone has a grudge against the legendary diamond dynasty.

Once the team discover, however, that the victim Ahmed had recently been promoted into a new job, suspicion grows within the diamond factory. Was Ahmed’s rival for the new job incensed at being passed over for promotion? Or was the previous incumbent in the job the man responsible? Driven by a sense of injustice at his unfair dismissal?

The team must infiltrate the diamond world in order to discover that, far from being anyone’s best friend, the multi-faceted diamond business is awash with envy, greed and corruption.