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The Brighton Police

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    Thu 24 Aug 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 34 2017 : Sat 19 Aug - Fri 25 Aug
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Episode 2
The Brighton Police
“For me personally as a DS, my husband will tell you that I love my job more than I love him. But I think we have to be driven to get justice for victims.” - Det Sgt Julie Greenwood, Sussex Police
This two-part documentary series for ITV follows the officers tasked with policing buzzing Brighton - tackling armed robbers, drug dealers and attempting to track down an attempted rapist.
Brighton’s reputation as an affluent seaside party city means it also comes with a darker criminal element - meaning that detectives based at the nick in the centre of the city are under constant pressure.
Narrated by Philip Glenister, The Brighton Police follows officers on raids, undertaking surveillance, taking statements from witnesses and gathering evidence to bring criminals to justice.
In the second episode, a family home in Woodingdean near Brighton with four young children, has been attacked by a gang of masked men, armed with knives and poles. 
DS Gary Tattersall, investigating, says: “Being attacked in your own bedroom by masked men at the age of seven to 12 is incredibly serious, and ultimately that will be what gives [the attackers] very harsh sentences in this case.”
Detectives in Brighton have traced the incident to a woman living in Sussex whose brother is serving time in prison. After months spent analysing phone records, detectives believe the attack was masterminded from prison, and police have obtained records of the calls.
Now, they need to see if they can persuade the ringleader to come out of prison so they can question him about his involvement. 
Meanwhile, a woman has reported an attempted stranger rape, and police are carrying out an intensive search for the attacker to ensure he does not strike again. DS Emma Vickers, investigating, says: “He literally has been hanging around on the street corner, potentially just waiting for someone, so it’s extremely predatory… It then makes you think, are the wider public in danger?”