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The Imitation Game

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    2 of 7

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    Sun 09 Sep 2018
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    10.05pm - 10.45pm
  • Week: 

    Week 37 2018 : Sat 08 Sep - Fri 14 Sep
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Random Numbers - In this round, we test the voices of our guests as they pick a song to sing. Then we choose what voice they should sing it in. This week’s guest panellist, Christina Bianco takes to the stage to perform the classic Mary Poppins’ track, Spoonful of Sugar in the voice of singer Christina Aguilera 
Episode 2
The Imitation Game is a high-energy panel show for ITV hosted by Alexander Armstrong, that sees team captains and top impressionists Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson lead teams of the UK’s favourite mimics and comedians in a number of fast-paced games and challenges.
Each week, both teams go head-to-head as they re-enact iconic movie scenes, re-voice news footage, blast out some surprising cover versions and put unlikely words in the mouths of all kinds of celebrities.
This week Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson are joined by special guests Christina Bianco and Jon Culshaw to perform a series of comedy games. With guest star Julian Clary.