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    Sat 09 Sep 2017
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    Week 37 2017 : Sat 09 Sep - Fri 15 Sep
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    Sat 09 Sep 2017
Show 2
On this week’s show, Jonathan is joined by BRIT award-winning, multi-platinum selling singer Rag‘n’Bone Man, Game of Thrones and Hunger Games actress Natalie Dormer and comedian Jack Dee ahead of his upcoming new sitcom Bad Move.
RAG ‘N’ BONE MAN exclusively announces the birth of his son, and reveals he has already written a new song about him
DAME JOAN COLLINS on her hatred of love scenes, how Donald Trump tried to persuade her to live in Trump Tower, fighting for equal female pay on Dynasty, and how selfies can be dangerous
JACK DEE reveals how Robbie Williams has asked to cameo in his new sitcom, whether he will go back to stand up, and reminisces on how he once performed for a group of murderers
NATALIE DORMER recounts how she learnt of her Game of Thrones exit a year before her on screen demise
Plus RAG ‘N’ BONE performs a song from his number one album
The Jonathan Ross Show returns this Saturday at 9:15pm with an exclusive announcement from Rag ‘n’ Bone Man about the birth of his son. Jonathan is also joined by Hollywood veteran Dame Joan Collins, comedian Jack Dee and Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer.
Announcing Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s exciting personal news, Jonathan revealed “I saw you walking towards me and you’re obviously an unmistakable figure, so I knew it was you and I looked down but you were pushing a pram. I thought ‘why’s he pushing a pram? Has he got something in there for later, like equipment?’ But can you tell us who you were bringing to the studio?”
Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, real name Rory Graham, then announced “My little boy. He was born about five days ago. His name’s Reuben. He’s tiny. I’m really chuffed.”
Elaborating on how he handles the lack of sleep now he has a newborn, he admitted “I’m on tour cycle, so for the last three or four months I’ve been used to getting about four hours a night on the tour bus. My missus has had to deal with what she’s had to deal with, and I’ve found it fairly easy because I’m on that cycle anyway. Four hours a night is enough for me. She’s going to watch this and I’m going to get it now!”
On his future music plans, he also revealed had he had wasted no time in penning a song for his son – “I actually wrote a song about my boy in the hospital, and we have some good friends and they have a son called George, and the title of the song is called ‘Now George has got a Friend.’
When questioned on what fatherhood meant for new music, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man confessed “I’m going back in the studio on and off in between being a new dad, so hopefully I’ll come out with a new album fairly soon. I wrote a couple of new songs a little while back that I didn’t use for the album that I really want to use for the next one. I’m going to do them on the next tour and just figure them out and see if people like them.” 
When pressed on any unusual musical influences, he also revealed how he often writes rap lyrics inspired by the characters of EastEnders. “I love EastEnders. It’s the only (soap) I watch. I find EastEnders pretty funny. This is what sleep deprivation will do to you. I stay up until four in the morning, and I wonder if I can write rap lyrics with the names of people from EastEnders in them.”
When pushed to perform one of the aforementioned raps by Jonathan, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man shared some lyrics from his phone, telling him “it’s just random, rhyming words mixed with people from EastEnders. This was written at four o’clock in the morning on a tour bus. I can’t believe I’m doing this on TV!”
Jonathan also asked Rag ‘n’ Bone Man about his eclectic range of tattoos, pinpointing a tattoo of his cat on his arm – “That’s my actual cat, yeah. She’s a sphynx cat. Her name’s Patricia. They’re really friendly and she brings a lot of joy to my life.”
Also joining Jonathan was Hollywood legend Dame Joan Collins, who revealed her hatred for participating in movie love scenes - “I was reading about Judi Dench, who says that she likes love scenes. I hate them. I’ve always hated them. They’re embarrassing, and you have to be careful that your nose doesn’t get in the way, that your lipstick doesn’t get on the man’s white shirt, that he doesn’t squash your boobs. I had to do one love scene with an actor that I really disliked, and he really disliked me, and it was a nude scene, and it was not nice.” Pressed by Jonathan on the actor’s identity, she proclaimed “It was George Peppard.”
Having previously confessed to having based a portion of her legendary Dynasty character Alexis on Donald Trump, Joan was asked when she had last seen the President, before revealing how he had tried to persuade her and her husband to move into the Trump Tower.
“We saw him when Percy and I were buying an apartment in New York a few years ago. He said that he wanted us to buy an apartment at the Trump Tower, his place. He was very interested in us doing it. Thank God we didn’t, you know what the Trump Tower is like now. You have to show your passport, you have to go through security to get into that building.”
Speaking further about the similarities between Trump and Alexis, Joan disclosed “the harsh, tough, business side, I based on most or all the businessmen that I know. The heads of studios, and I mentioned in an interview that one of the people that I mentioned was Donald Trump, because he was a very harsh, tough, clever, devious, manipulative businessman.”
Speaking about her friendships with many icons of the golden age of Hollywood, Joan articulated how she had foreseen the tragic death of James Dean. Talking about their friendship, she revealed “I didn’t exactly date him, I went out with him. But I knew him as a friend. When I first went to Hollywood, I was very lucky, I was only 20 but I got involved in this kind of group with Paul Newman and Marlon Brando and Gene Kelly and James Dean. We all sort of hung out together and I was the new kid with Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin’s son. We all used to go and have dinner and go and hang out.”
On his love of fast cars, Joan continued “I was in a car one night and we were in a restaurant downtown and we were going to go to see Oscar Levant, and I was going out with this guy called Arthur, and James said ‘come in my new car, I’ve got this new car, it was a red Porsche. And he said ‘I’ll race you, and we’ll go to Oscar’s’ which is in Beverly Hills. So I got in the car with Jimmy and I’ve never been so frightened. He went so fast, and through red lights. Through Hollywood, got to Beverly Hills in less than five minutes and I got out and I said rather prophetically to Newman ‘god he could kill himself in that car.’ And less than a month later he did. He was a very driven young man, he was a wonderful actor, and he was great fun.”
Joan was also vocal about the recent debate of equal pay, recounting how during her Dynasty days she had fought for a balanced pay with her male co-star John Forsythe, who played Blake. “I finally managed it, because I became quite popular on the show.”
Joan then revealed she was not a fan of the ‘selfie’, labelling them ‘dangerous.’ Recounting a story about being photographed with a stranger at the height of her Dynasty fame, she said “I’ve had a couple of bad experiences with people who took pictures with me. There was one particular guy in Italy, and they took a picture with me and him, and the next thing I know, it was in the magazines, and he was saying that he was engaged to me. The next thing he’s on TV in Italy saying that we are very happy. After that, I didn’t like to have…particularly if they put their arms around you and get very close. It can be dangerous, particularly for a guy as well.”
The ever immaculate and always glamorous Joan did also confess to having one guilty pleasure - “I love eating in bed. We eat in bed all the time.” When asked on any preferred bedtime culinary choices, she revealed “Yes, pizza in bed.”
Comedian Jack Dee joined Jonathan to discuss his new ITV sitcom Bad Move, and how singer Robbie Williams had already agreed to cameo in the show:
Discussing the show, which revolves around a husband and wife who make a disastrous decision to move to the country, he said “I was working with Robbie Williams’ wife, and I spoke to Robbie and he asked me what I was doing and I told him, and he loved it because he’s done the same thing – he lived in the country for a bit and he didn’t like it, so he’s up for doing a cameo at some point.”
Jack additionally revealed how Blur bassist Alex James had provided some of the inspiration for some of Bad Move’s protagonists: “I got the idea when I met Alex James from Blur. I was talking to him about his festival that he does with the food. He’s made an incredible success of it but I was talking to him about it, but of course when he’s not into it he just comes up to London, he spends weeks on end in London instead. So he gets the best of both worlds, he’s the guy who’s got it.”
On whether the characters were based on Williams and James, Jack acknowledged “It’s an amalgamation of those people, that calibre of rock star.”
Jack then teased a possible return to stand up comedy, having largely focused on acting over the past few years. Elaborating, he said “It’s very time consuming, writing. I’m going to start some stand up again soon. When I do enough acting I get sick of that, and then I do some stand up, and then I get sick of that, and then I go back to acting. That’s kind of what’s happened.”
Reflecting on his unusual live performing experiences, Jack discussed how he had once done stand up in front of a group of murders. “My agent organised for us to do a gig during the Edinburgh festival at a maximum security prison in Scotland. He didn’t even tell me where we were going. He just said ‘you’re going to love it.’ And so, we went along and went to this gig. We were taken from the place where you get searched before you go in, and then we got taken across to the chapel where the gig is going to be, and I said to the warden ‘out of interest, the people in the audience, what are they in for?’ And he said ‘they’re re-murderers.’ He said ‘they’re people that have murdered, that have done life, that have got out, and that have murdered again.’ And you can’t relate to an audience like that. I’ve got no shared experience with these people! It was terrible, I couldn’t wait to get out!”
Jonathan’s final guest was Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer, who also gave her opinions on equal pay and how she would react to finding herself paid less than a male co-star.
“You know me Jonathan, I’m a candid person. If I see injustice, I speak up. I would like to think that if I did think something was amiss, I would speak up.”
When quizzed on whether she had ever been paid less than her co-stars, she revealed “that’s the problem, you don’t know until it’s drawn attention to. Not to my knowledge.”
Having achieved international fame in the Game of Thrones franchise, Natalie divulged how producers had prepared her for her exit a year before she filmed her on screen death.
“I sort of got ahead of the game because I was badgering the creatives a year before to release me for a couple of dates, you know how shooting schedules can be overlapping. I was trying to get a movie made, I was trying to get my movie that I made with my other half. At the time, they wouldn’t release me from Game of Thrones. So Dan and David, the creatives of the show, said ‘sorry Nat, we’re not going to release you, you’re going to have to shoot next year, but don’t worry darling, we’re killing you next year.’ It wasn’t that harsh, I’m paraphrasing, but they thought they were giving me good news. They were, it was bittersweet. I had the unique position over a lot of cast members, as in I knew when my time was coming…”
With Game of Thrones fans Rag ‘n’ Bone Man and Jack Dee behind on the latest series developments, Jonathan furnished them with headphones inspired by the costume on the show so as to avoid hearing key spoilers. Natalie expressed her relief at no longer having to keep secrets from fans. “It’s great now because I don’t know anymore. I’m gone, so I have no idea. So I’m watching season seven the way everyone else is watching season seven. I’ve gone back to just being a pure fan, the way I was the first season I watched it, and I love not knowing.”
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.