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    Sat 17 Sep 2016
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    Week 38 2016 : Sat 17 Sep - Fri 23 Sep
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    Fri 16 Sep 2016
BEAR GRYLLS speaks about running in the wild with the President and whether his survival expertise would make him a good Bond
AMY SCHUMER speaks about her upbringing, Brexit and women in Hollywood
OLLY MURS speaks about dating disasters and selfies in the gym. He also performs.
RIZ AHMED speaks about meeting the Queen
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by British adventurer and TV presenter, Bear Grylls; US actress and comedian, Amy Schumer; Brit pop star, Olly Murs and actor and rapper, Riz Ahmed.
Survival expert, Bear Grylls, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about running wild with the President and being the next James Bond.
Bear spoke about his show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which sees him take a host of celebrities on adventures around the world. On taking the President Barack Obama on an adventure, Bear said: “It was amazing and it was a phone call I never thought we’d get when The White House rang up and said, ‘He’s a fan of the show, would you ever take him to Alaska or on an adventure?.’ I thought it was one of my buddies doing a spoof!”
“It all happened quite fast, we went out there… We had like 60 Secret Service, snipers in the mountains, I’m not joking we had the whole four helicopters in the air, it was a crazy whole machine to watch. But he was amazing and my mum beforehand - because I was nervous before going out - she just said, ‘Remember everybody puts their trousers on one leg at a time, even the President. He’s going to be a normal guy.’”
On how this particular trip differed to others he had done with well known faces, he said: “There’s a lot more flapping on the inside… I was really nervous beforehand. Normally I say hello to the guest beforehand and give them a quick briefing but with him there was none of that, I didn’t see him until he arrived and we were live, cameras rolling. There was this moment when I sat on the riverbank in the middle of this mountains out in Alaska waiting and it all went really calm and I thought, ‘Do you know what actually, I know how to do this, treat it like a normal person, show him what we do.’ As soon as he arrived he gave me a big hug, said hello and we were into it and what a privilege. He was a really humble, family centred, straight talking guy... I really admired him, admire him and what he’s done for climate change… It’s a real strong motivation for him and something he really wants for his legacy.”
Bear spoke about the opportunity he was so grateful for: “It was funny because when it was all over it was like, ‘Wow did that really happen?’ And then as you know with TV, you forget about it, it gets edited and it goes out and it’ll be a nice one to show the grandchildren.”
Bear who is famous for treating celebrities to the authentic adventure experience - including eating bugs and drinking urine - said he did have to tone it down for the President: “I did go easy on him… We had to go a little softer in that sense. They actually pre-put special presidential loos every kilometre along this thing, of course none of them got used… I think he actually went in the bushes at one point… But they do have it all set up for him. It is a mad thing to watch. They had this big black box if anything went wrong he gets in that has all the nuclear codes, a big hook on the top for a helicopter, it’s bomb proof, it’s a container [and they take him away]. [I asked] is there a spare?!”
On keeping in touch with the President, Bear said: “What was cool afterwards, he said would love to meet the family, ‘Bring the family to the Whitehouse if you’re in Washington’ and I thought ‘he’s just being polite, he doesn’t mean that’ and actually afterwards, one of his aides said, ‘Listen I’ve been with him eight years, he’s said that [only a few times], take him up on the offer.’ So we did and we took the family to The White house. Actually I was more nervous at The White House because suddenly you’re in his domain… The White House went into lockdown when we were there. [A shooting happened] while we were in the Oval office with the President so we’d gone in and all the marines were there, very relaxed… and as we walked out everyone was suddenly in ninja mode, they took us hard right, Mr President hard left, we got taken to this room... I thought this is a bit weird and then we got taken down, down under The White House through the tunnels and I was thinking, this is brilliant and they said ‘listen there’s been a shooting… Everybody has gone into lockdown…’ Afterwards I said to the kids, ‘What a day you got to hang out with the President, what was your favourite bit?’ they said the marines in the lockdown… It was an amazing experience.”
Joking that he could be the next James Bond, Jonathan asked if he would ever consider such a role. “Yeah” Bear replied with Jonathan referring to the uncertainty in Bear’s voice, “That’s a no, that kind of answer there.”
Reminiscing about the time with Jonathan took part in a survival challenge with Bear, he said: “When I went out with you Bear, I looked immaculate the whole time. I even took out a cashmere dressing gown for our night in the cave, don’t you remember, and slippers. I bought us both cigars, you gave me a dead pigeon is what I got in return!”
Bear replied, “Nobody had ever done that, pulled out the cashmere pyjamas, the whole nine yards and you had an espresso machine.”
“Yes I took a portable espresso machine, I knew we’d be not near a Starbucks!” Jonathan laughed.
Bear - who is Chief Scout - also spoke about his recent comments that children should be raised free of gender influence: “Girls want to be part of the adventure and actually we’re seeing more girls now than ever before and it’s amazing and I feel so proud of how the scouting movement has evolved always tried to stay ahead of the curve with things like that and go girls!”
When speaking about the variety of culinary experiences he has come across during his adventures, Bear offered Jonathan a taste of a key survival ingredient made of congealed beef, meat, fat, gristle and fruit.
American standup, writer, producer and actress, Amy Schumer, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her comedy, upbringing and Brexit.
On who she tests her comedy out on, Amy said: “I think the most painful awful things wind up being funny but I’ve also learnt the hard way that that’s not always true. I don’t shy away from anything just because it’s uncomfortable, I like being uncomfortable… I’ll ask my sister and she’ll say ‘No that’s not funny’ and then I say, ‘I think you’re wrong’ and then I’ll go out and try and she was right. That’s how it usually goes but usually the crowd let you know and you test it… It’s kind of like a science experiment.”
Speaking about how her life has changed over the years, Amy said of the past few years and her upbringing: “I got very rich, famous and humble [over the past few years]… I was a rich kid and then at 12 all of a sudden we were barely eating a goat around the fire,” she joked. “I could tell most clearly by the quality of my birthday parties because one year we had in New York, a farm party and there were farm animals. For a New York kid you’ve got to be rolling in dough and we’re riding ponies, the works. And then the next year my birthday party, after we went bankrupt, [was themed around Lionel Richie’s Dancing on the Ceiling song]. My parents just put a light fixture on the floor and my dad put a video camera upside down and we just danced around pretending like we were dancing on the ceiling. Bring your own pizza. It was really dark, my uncle was the clown. I realised we had fallen on hard times.”
On how women are viewed in Hollywood and how she may have changed, Amy said: “The only change was that it was explained to me before I did that movie [Trainwrecked] that if you weigh over 140 pounds as a woman in Hollywood, if you’re on the screen it will hurt people’s eyes. I didn’t know that so I lost some weight to do that but never again.”
Speaking of Brexit, Amy admitted: “I know nothing about Brexit… Is it like when you exit breakfast? I know that it’s leaving the European Union… Just hearing it off the top of my head just saying it, it doesn’t sound like a great idea but I don’t know a lot about it. I heard Obama came over here and told you guys what to do and you were like ‘Uh huh, we’re going to Brexit we’ll show Obama. We’ll Brexit.’ How do you know if you’re Brexit-ing, are we Brexit-ing right now? I’m going to name my child Brexit, I’m going to keep it,” she joked.
Pop star, Olly Murs, joined the sofa and spoke about dating disasters and how his nephew is his harshest critic.
Olly touched on his previous relationship which is the basis of a lot of his new music: “I’ve never really written about personal things before, I have touched on it but a lot of songs I’ve wrote have always been happy feel good tracks so it was a chance for me to write about my ex relationship which was tough. For about two months it was pretty difficult. Ups and downs going in the studios and feeling really depressed.”
Single Olly spoke about his dating disasters and the moment he thought he had been stood up recently: “I haven’t tried any apps. I’ve been tempted to go on Tinder just for the craic and see what happens. I’ve been dating, it’s been interesting… I think if they’re in it and just going out with me to be famous, I’m a pretty good judge of character. But I’ve had a couple of strange dates.”
“It’s never happened to me before but I was in this bar and restaurant and [me and a girl had] organised to meet up. I was at the bar and I ordered us drinks… So it’s gone 15 minutes and I’m still there waiting, she said ‘I’ll be there in a minute’… 15 minutes that’s fine I can deal with that… Half an hour later I’m still waiting, texting her to check she’s OK and she ended up being 45 minutes late and the barman just kept coming up, ‘You haven’t got anyone coming have you?’ and I was like ‘Yes I have!’... 45 minutes, I was pretty smashed [by the time she arrived] It did help the date. The date was OK, it was good.”
“But the worst date I ever went on… I think we went Burger King or something this was when I was about 18,19 we went to the cinema and afterwards I said we should go for a drink… As we’re walking to the bar I’m thinking ‘I can’t quite remember this girls name but I’m going to try and get it out of her’... This was before mobile phones and stuff like that so I couldn’t even check her name on my phone... I walk into this bar and it’s quiet, no one is in there [apart from my friend and his girlfriend] and I think what are the chances.”
When he couldn’t introduce the girl to his friends because he had forgotten her name, Olly said: “We’d been out for two hours, it went down like a lead balloon.”
On who his harshest critic is, Olly said he always tries to please his five year old nephew with his music: “I remember playing the album and I played the first four or five tracks and I’m looking at him [for his response] and he was sat there completely bored and I remember thinking after a month of writing, I think I need to go back to the drawing board so that’s what I did… His opinion means a lot to me.”
Olly - who has been on a fitness regime ahead of his tour and return to music - blamed his weight gain on indulging and being comfortable in a previous relationship: “I was literally at home with my ex girlfriend and we were literally eating chocolate and crisps. Girls always do this thing where they’re like let’s get crisps, let’s get chocolate and then as a man I just delve in and eat so much and she just eats a little bit. I was just eating loads of fast food, I love McDonalds. I blame my dad for all of this, I’ve got his eating habits.”
On being asked for selfies in the gym, Olly said: “Everyone comes up and says hello. I wouldn’t come up to me in the gym to be honest with you… I fart in the gym, I burp in the gym, I don’t smell too good, no one’s good in the gym, come on! [When people ask for selfies] I kind of grit my teeth and I’m like ‘look at the state of me!’”
British actor and rapper, Riz Ahmed, joined the sofa and relived meeting Jonathan before at Windsor Castle when they both met the Queen.
“It was kind of strange… We all lined up and there’s like crazy 16th Century paintings and tapestries and suits of armour and you line up and there's a guy stood next to her [the Queen] and he [whispers the name of the person coming up to meet her] and he was like ‘Jonathan Ross, TV presenter and comedian…’ so for me, I went up and the guy next to her said ‘Riz Ahmed, actor, writer and rapper?’... Because he said rapper as I looked up, I thought she was trying to spud me and all the people around her were like ‘he’s going to punch her’ so I ended up weirdly just touching her fist. It was so awkward.”