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    Week 39 2019 : Sat 21 Sep - Fri 27 Sep

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    Wed 11 Sep 2019

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Episode 2

Jonathan is joined by iconic star of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings Sean Bean, Our Girl and Corrie legend Michelle Keegan and Edinburgh award-winning comedian Rose Matafeo.

Plus, legendary lead singer of Oasis and now solo star Liam Gallagher will be chatting and performing in the studio.


LIAM GALLAGHER on brother Noel, Oasis reforming, his wedding, dance lessons and more

MICHELLE KEEGAN on working away from her husband, baby plans and her thoughts now on leaving Coronation Street

SEAN BEAN of his multiple on screen deaths, strange fan experiences and stunts 

ROSE MATAFEO on performing for the New Zealand Prime Minister, her love for Lord of the Rings and stealing from the set 


On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by legendary former Oasis frontman and now solo star Liam Gallagher who chats and performs, iconic star of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings Sean Bean, Our Girl and Coronation Street legend Michelle Keegan and Edinburgh award-winning comedian Rose Matafeo.

Walking out to be interviewed Liam Gallagher was met with calls of ‘Liam, Liam!’ from the crowd. He laughed: “I brought him in with me, man.”

He joked: “It’s better than ‘Noel’, right, innit? You know what I mean. I’m just saying. I could get called that as well. There’s nothing worse than ‘Noel!’”

On turning 47, he said: “I’ve got a gig in Manchester so I’m grafting that night. I’ll have a few beers, I’ll raise a few glasses to myself later on. Not going to go too heavy.”


He added: “I think they’re the hardest gigs though, Manchester. Playing your home town is the hardest thing I think. You can’t act up. Down here you can get away with s***. [In Manchester] a lot of your friends are there going, ‘What’s all that about?’ Elsewhere you can act a bit of a d***head and everyone seems to like it. I get stressed out doing a gig in Manchester. Once I’ve done it I always feel alright about it. Initial doing it is just stress.”


Returning to talk of his birthday he said: “I’m not a****d about the birthday to be fair. I’ll wait and celebrate 50, if I get there. 47 is like whatever man. What am I going to do that I don’t do every day, you know what I mean?”  


Speaking of his engagement, he said of the proposal: “Yeah, I did it properly. I went down on two knees and begged her. Did it in the Amalfi Coast, we was on holiday with me Mam. Been talking about it for a bit, then batting it off, we both thought let’s just do it. I’m looking forward to it man.”


Of his mum being there, he said: “She wasn’t there when I got down on hands and knees and begged, she was on holiday with us. I said [to her], ‘Look I’m going to like, start begging’. She said, ‘Yeah she’s a good girl, don’t be f***ing it up’. She did [say exactly those words], she had me in a headlock as well. I’m buzzing for it, next year, you’re all invited [he said to the crowd].”


Speaking of having a big ceremony he said: “Yeah, I’ve never had a big one before, ceremony. It’s going to be abroad somewhere hopefully, it’s going to be hot. About 150 people - now be about 3,000 after this [inviting the crowd].”


On inviting brother Noel he said: “I’m going to invite him. Why not, he’s my brother. All he can do is turn it down can’t he. We’ll see won’t we. I’m sure he… I can’t see him coming.


“Me other brother’s going to be a best man. He [Noel] ain’t going to come, but listen we can dream, can’t we? Without a doubt man course [I’m optimistic]. It’s just going through a bit of a weird patch. He’s says s***, I say s***… it all gets a bit out of hand. We just need to grow up I guess. Ball’s in his court.”


Of whether one is being unreasonable and one is being reasonable he added: “I think we’re both unreasonable and we’re both.. what was the other one? Reasonable.”


Liam said of the Oasis split: “I don’t know why we split up, I’d like to know. Maybe I might have been a bit too rock ‘n’ roll for him. I might have cancelled a few gigs, I’ve might have stayed up later than I should have some nights. We’re not S f***ing Club 7. Maybe he wanted to go solo and do his thing and be on his own and take all the fun out... I don’t know what I’ve done really to be fair. We’ll get to the bottom of it one day.”


Speaking of solo success, he said: “I’ve had a wobble but now I’m doing alright again. I think he’s [Noel] having a wobble now.”


And of his new album, he said: “It is better than the last one.”


Asked if track One of Us is about Noel, he said: “I’ve got another brother called Paul, it’s about family, brotherhood and friendships and that.”


After Jonathan pushed the lyrics did seem to be about Noel, Liam said: “What was the lyrics? ‘Get the band back together you w*****’?”


He continued: “I don’t think we should have split up. We’ve had worse arguments about lesser things. I think we need a good band like that, we did exactly what it said on the tin.”


Liam insisted: “Main thing is being brothers – forget the band.”


He said of being a singer: “It’s not hard work being in a band, it’s easy, it’s good craic… I didn’t get stressed once being in that band. You wore exactly what you wore, you drank when you wanted to drink, you stayed up when you wanted to stay up, we had loads of people thinking this was all great, you know what I mean?


“We weren’t a manufactured band where people were telling you what to say and that. We did exactly what we wanted to do 24/7 and that’s the f***ing b*****.”


Asked by Jonathan to say something nice about Noel he said: “He’s a great songwriter, man. Leave it like that.”


Speaking of the first dance at his wedding, he said: “Yeah, I might have to take up dance lessons. I fancy just freaking everyone out, doing a slide across the floor. Like, what they do on Come Dancing, when they get up close and do the business.”


On whether he’d actually do Strictly Come Dancing he said: “No, no, no… I’m not into that stuff man. I’ll do it for the wedding, but I’m not doing it for everyone else to take the p***. I’ll do it once and once only. I might get the bug, you mean? I doubt it man, my hips are not as good as they used to be. I do run every now and again, but I also go to the pub and drink loads of Guinness… I run to the pub and drink the Guinness.”


Liam was then tasked with recognising who he was speaking about in old quotes, including Wayne Rooney, Jamie Oliver and Boris Johnson.


On Jamie Oliver he said he used to live across from the pub he went to: “On the way home, we’d be going, ‘He’s got some scran in there’. He’d come to his window and be going, ‘Liam Stop f***ing about, I’m getting the kids to bed’ and we’re going, ‘Just chuck us down a couple of bacon sarnies!’. He’s moved. The funny thing is he’s moved to where I live now as well.”


Joking of making comments about others he said: “I am a bit of a twat… funny though, innit? I don’t wish them any harm. People take the p*** out of me and I take it… It’s a laugh.”


Of John Lennon being an inspiration he said: “I do feel like he’s my spiritual compass, you know what I mean? As a person, I think he was a good person he didn’t mean any harm. He had a great voice and a great singing voice, I liked his speaking voice as well. He’s a dude man.”


Speaking of musical comparisons to The Beatles, he said: “Yeah, yeah, ‘coz we’re thieves. We’re inspired by them. It’s only like they were inspired by people like Elvis and stuff. It goes round and round, you know what I mean.”


On his love for parka jackets, Jonathan asked how many he’s got: “I never really go out in suits unless I’m going to court. 


“[I’ve got] thousands man, thousands [of parkas]. Millions of them, hundreds… I’ve got a parka fetish. It’s terrible, but that’s what I’m into. I’ve got warehouses about the country and that… I have to have a clear out once a year, which is terrible.”


On meeting his daughter Molly later in life, he said: “I met her last year. It was terrible that we left it that long or that it didn’t happen beforehand… We always hang out with each other. It’s cool man, we’ve drawn a line under the past and we’re steaming into the future with lots of love. Yeah [I cried] and then went to the pub. Cried a bit more, drank and cried a bit more… we’re having nights out, we sit there. It’s terrible I didn’t see her beforehand, but this what happens sometimes.”


Speaking of his 6-year-old daughter Gemma who he hasn’t met: “I don’t know man, I’ll just have to wait and let it happen. There’s no plans to meet up yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen. I definitely don’t want to leave it that long, but it’s not just down to me, it’s down to the girl’s mum. We’ll see man. Life is complicated.”


Of being close to his family and that including Noel he said: “I adore that kid, man. I adore all my brothers. I adore my mum and that… Family’s the most important thing. Rock ‘n’ roll comes second.”


Speaking again of an Oasis reunion he said: “I’m ready to go. I’m ready to have a good time again, man.”


Jonathan put a call out to Noel to come on the show and have a similar conversation to see if the band can get back together. 


Actress Michelle Keegan spoke of having to work in different countries to her husband Mark Wright: “He got the job in LA while I was in Malaysia [filming Our Girl]. We were apart for about 4 months. It was really tough. People said how did you deal with it and stuff. Thank god for FaceTime and things like that. You’re on a countdown the whole time to just get home. I had six months off when I went home, so I went to America.”


She added of reuniting and whether you begin to get on each other’s nerves: “Yeah, you get so used to living on your own and doing your own thing. Little things… you like your house a certain way and he’d come in and he’d leave his underpants on the floor. I’m not a cleaner, I’m not going to move them, they’ll be there for five days and I don’t care, I’m not moving them.”


On her pet peeve being emptying the dishwasher, she added: “I’m not going to do it every time it’s on – empty the dishwasher.”


Speaking of being in TV series Brassic she said: “I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve never done comedy before as well. It’s the first comedy series I’ve done. Little bits I’ve done comedy. Even on Corrie, elements of it on there, but first comedy series I’ve done.”


Speaking of Coronation Street she said: “They write strong females so well. I’ll say to everyone, for me that was like the best platform I could ever, ever ask for. I love playing strong females. Even since I left Corrie five and a half years ago, the characters I’ve played since then, touch wood, have been amazing.”


Of the soap she added: “I definitely do miss it. It’s such a cliché thing to say, it’s such a family there, but I’ve never regretted my decision to leave.”


On whether Liam would want to be in Coronation Street he said: “I’d love to man, but I’m not an actor. I say I would but then I’d s*** it on the day.”


And if he is going to appear in Peaky Blinders: “I said that as well, but I’d s*** it… no, no, no [I’m not going to be in it]. They’re mega, them actors are s*** hot. They don’t need me. I’ll have a bevvy at the bar and maybe shoot some f***** in the head. I don’t want to be like doing anything else.”


Speaking of Our Girl returning she said: “Yeah, I finished that in July. That’s going to be out on TV early next year. [We filmed in] South Africa this time, I was away there 3 and a half months. I loved it out there.”    


Asked if her and husband Mark have thought about having kids she said: “Not yet. Everyone always asks that question. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting any younger. My mum is on it as well. No plans yet, but we definitely do want children in the future.” 


Acting legend Sean Bean joined the show to talk about his new war series and also spoke of turning 60 this year: “Yeah, it’s alright. I don’t really think much about it. I suppose got to 60.. it’s not something you want to be jumping around about. Good things… you get free prescriptions.”


He added: “I like staying at home, in the garden, landscaping and stuff like that. I like planting trees. I’ve got a nice garden at home. About two and a half acres, got a big pond... or a little lake.”


Speaking of playing aggressive, heroic roles on screen: “I always see it as a similar thing really, you just act what you’re supposed to be and try and hope… so the bigger characters, if I was playing a small character, a kind of ordinary man that lives in a house I’d just approach it the same way as if I was playing Game of Thrones.”


On Lord of the Rings and often dying on screen he said: “Yeah I do.”


Of learning he’s the 6th highest actor for the number of deaths on screen he said: “I thought I’d be higher than that.”


He added: “Yeah I’d like to think so [that they’re memorable deaths]. I hope you notice I’ve gone.”


On his favourite, he said: “I suppose it would be Lord of the Rings. That was quite triumphant. Very heroic. A lot of pathos in that particular death.”


Of whether it was a poignant day filming he said: “Not really, I filmed the death scene, I get beheaded, it’s very sudden, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. Just a normal day, bacon and eggs, stuff like that, cup of tea and that were it… I was kneeling there, they don’t damage you in any way… they threw my dummy head on the floor. I wanted to [keep it] and they said they were going to give it to me, but they never did. Conan O’Brien had it last…”


Speaking of the dummy head and whether crew treated it well he said: “Er… I think I started messing about with it a bit. And then they’d take it a bit further, start throwing it, then started booting it…”


Speaking of his new part in World on Fire, which is set around World War 2, he said: “My grandfather was in the navy… I kind of thought about my grandad when I played this character. Not to try and copy him, it’s kind of a residue that’s in your mind. Certain pictures I saw of him, his uniform, the ships he was on.”  


On once being mistaken for Rowan Atkinson he said: “I got a letter once and it just said ‘Mr Bean London’ and it came to my house. It said, ‘You made me laugh so much, and your rubbery face…’ I was like, hold on a minute. It was for Rowan Atkinson… might have been me. But yeah, it was funny.”


Speaking of strange experiences with fans he said: “There’s been a couple in the past, but they… one of them was sending me marijuana... my wife was saying, ‘You’ve got another letter, a marijuana letter’.


“Some of them are really crazy. She used to send me pictures of her face and mine morphed into one. She said, ‘We are one. Me and I am you’. No [I didn’t meet her]. I did something for Lord of the Rings, a PR thing, and she was in the audience, she tried to break through the barriers. They had to restrain her.”  


Sean added of a fan who has a tattoo of his signature: “I know a woman who lives near me Mam who got my signature, she asked my mum if she could have my signature and she had it on her leg. Maybe I signed her leg…”.


On doing his own stunts, Sean said: “I do sword fights and stuff like that. I wouldn’t do anything if I’m like that big [mimes small] on the screen having to jump off a cliff… just get someone else to do it. I quite like doing it, I like the physical side of it. I usually do most of them, sometimes they don’t let you.”  


Comedian Rose Matafeo, a self-confessed Lord of the Rings mega-fan, was delighted to meet Sean Bean and admitted: “I was a huge Lord Of The Rings fan. It’s quite crazy meeting Sean Bean. I used to tape my ears to look like elf ears. I was a very lonely child. I was massively into it. I had a figurine of you… I didn’t do anything weird with it.” 


Of visiting the Lord of the Rings set she said: “I’ve been twice, it’s amazing. It’s fantastic Sean, you’ve got to go. I think after the more recent films they kept it all lush and the garden’s amazing. I love it. 


“You can’t really go into the Hobbit holes themselves, they keep the door ajar. But they had the inn at the end that you can do to. They have these really amazing cups, I really loved them I was like, ‘Do you sell them in the gift shop?’ They said, ‘No the woman down the road makes them, we don’t sell them… 


Rose admitted: “I took one, it’s the only thing I’ve ever stolen in my life. I hope I don’t get arrested by the ‘Hobbiton’ police.” 


Jonathan returned it to Sean Bean to give it back, saying it was “one last quest” for him. 


Rose jokingly added: “I don’t condone stealing unless you’re good at it, OK.” 


On starting comedy very young at 15, she said: “I had no life experiences to base stand up on… Sesame Street, a lot of gear about that.”


Rose laughed of being heckled by her own nan: “I once got heckled by my nan but in the nicest way possible. I did a joke about how she mispronounces muesli. I tackle some hard-hitting stuff in my stand up. She came one night, she said, ‘Next time you’re getting porridge’. Which I think is the sweetest heckle of all time. She offered me a different form of breakfast!”


On meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand: “I met her a couple of times before, she’s very cool, she’s bitchin’. She’s a big supporter of the arts and comedy and stuff like that.”


Speaking of the Prime Minister coming to watch her show she said: “There’s a bit where I mime masturbation. It was a 100-seat venue. I could so clearly see her in the crowd and see me miming having a w*** in front of our Prime Minister. It was probably the worst moment of my life. She was cool with it, I reckon she’s had sex.”


Referring to the UK’s Prime Minister, she said: “I’m so sorry, you got a real sh***er. We got real lucky!” 


Of making her big-screen debut and playing a pregnant character, which put her off in real life, she said: “It was weird. It’s really like Alien… I did go out for walks in the neighbourhood and try and get free stuff, or just sympathy.”


Discussing filming sex scenes with the others on the sofa, Michelle said: “It never gets any easier and it’s the least sexiest thing to do.”


After Sean added it was easier the more times you did it with the same actor, Michelle joked: “Get the first one out the way, then it’s easy isn’t it, breezy.” 


At the end of the show Liam Gallagher performs new track ‘Once’.