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Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek

  • Episode:

    2 of 2

  • Title:

    Clash of The Titans

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    Mon 04 Oct 2021

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    9.00pm - 10.15pm

  • Week:

    Week 40 2021 : Sat 02 Oct - Fri 08 Oct

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  • Published:

    Wed 22 Sep 2021

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Gordon, Gino & Fred Go Greek

Series overview:

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are back.

This time their RV is hitting the beautiful Greek islands and historical city of Athens, for a big fat Greek adventure, together again behind the wheel on an epic odyssey like no other.

From island hopping on a catamaran, to jet ski racing and shipwreck diving, there will be bromance and bickering in equal measure.

Thanks to an abundance of fantastic food, including the freshest lobster, chefs Gordon and Gino will be looking to prove that Greece’s culinary credentials are up there with the very best of Europe. 
The guys will begin their adventure in Crete, Greece’s largest island, before navigating their way to stunning Santorini, making their way to the party island of Mykonos and finishing their trip in the Greek capital Athens and the monasteries of Meteora. 

Episode 2: Clash of the Titans

Athens, Attica & Meteora

After indulging in the unique produce of the Greek islands last week and exploring the fresh local specialities that contribute to the remarkably healthy older generation, the boys are in the Greek capital of Athens, back on the road in a vintage VW campervan. This is where high-concept cuisine originated and is still being re-invented, in a city known as the birth place of democracy and the cradle of western civilisation.

Highlights include a souvlaki showdown, racing in an ancient Olympic stadium, a visit to an award-winning bio-dynamic vineyard, sampling liquid Greek salad cocktails in one of the world's top bars, visiting bee-keeping nuns and truffle hunting with dogs amidst the gigantic rock pillar landscape of Meteora in central Greece.

The trio start the second leg of their journey at the home of the first modern Olympics, the Panathenaic Stadium. The stadium is made entirely of marble and is the place where the Olympic torch is handed over to the host nation of each Olympic games.

Despite the blazing heat, Gordon challenges Gino and Fred to a race around the stadium wearing body armour, to replicate the armour worn by Olympic warrior competitors during the Hoplitodromos event.

Gordon and Fred strap on weighted vests whilst a nervous Gino opts for ankle and wrist weights. Gordon says: “There’s so much history here, you can feel it the minute you step onto the track. I’m determined to beat the French runner bean and my tactic is to hang onto his shoulder.”

As they set off, Gordon and Fred take the lead with Gino lagging behind saying: “It’s not about winning, it’s about arriving in style.”

As they get on the home stretch, Gordon and Fred are neck and neck and with Chariots of Fire ringing in their ears, they sprint for the finish line…

Leaving the stadium behind, they get back in the campervan and head through Athens in search of the perfect souvlaki.

Arriving at the restaurant, they watch as the chefs tell them how to make traditional Greek souvlaki, then decide to have a go themselves. As Gordon and Gino change into their chefs’ whites and get into the kitchen, Fred prepares to be the judge to see if Gordon and Gino can really make souvlaki better than the Greeks. Fred says: “I have never seen you work in harmony like this, shoulder to shoulder. This is a sight to behold.”

Gino adds: “We are bonding, not only as friends, but as cooks and we understand each other now. I hope that we are going to do more of that.”

The guys leave Athens behind to head to the suburbs and the largest wine producing region in Greece, much to Fred’s excitement Gordon says: “I’ve never been a big fan of Greek wine. I remember at my Mum and Dad’s parties at Christmas and birthdays and the Greek wine was under the table in a box with a tap on the end!”

Fred is determined to show Gordon that times have changed and at the vineyard in Attica they agree to help with spraying the vines. But before long the only thing getting sprayed is each other.

It’s time for some wine tasting and a spot of cooking by the campervan. As they cook up lamb chops, grilled asparagus, Greek cheese and vine leaves, Gino is determined to add some Italian mozzarella, much to Fred’s frustration. But as the local wine takes effect, Fred puts down his book about Greek Philosophy before running through the vineyard naked: “I’m at one with nature! Where there is no wine there is no love. And when there is no love, there is no wine!”

The following morning they go In search of the best Greek salad cocktail, at Clumssies bar, made with their very own Greek salad cordial.  Fred has an idea to create a tzatziki flavoured cocktail and is in his element as he experiments in the bar’s laboratory, where all the magic happens. By the time he returns, Gino is dancing on the bar after indulging in a Viagra Negroni…

Next on the agenda is the monasteries of Meteora to explore the incredible local produce, thanks to a special invitation for an audience with the Greek Orthodox nuns. Gordon warns Gino to be on best behaviour but thanks to a driving mishap as they arrive to meet the nuns, it is Gordon’s behaviour that gets them off to an unfortunate start.

They enjoy a stunning lunch in the mountains with the nuns and visit the bee hives at the monastery. Gordon is impressed by tasting the delicious honey fresh from the hive but Gino can’t get away from the bees quick enough.

Finally, Gordon, Gino and Fred go in search of truffles, one of the most sought after foods in the world. One of the biggest truffles ever was found in Meteora, so they meet a local couple who offer to teach them the basics with help of their trained Labrador dogs Naomi, Dorita and Maya. The guys take a dog each to help them search for the prized treasure and it soon becomes competitive.

Their Greek adventure concludes with a feast by the campervan, as Gino cooks a risotto with the black summer truffles. Just one question remains, where to travel to next?!