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Inside the National Trust

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    Sun 13 Oct 2013
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    12.45pm - 1.45pm
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    Week 42 2013 : Sat 12 Oct - Fri 18 Oct
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Episode two:
In the second programme of this 20 part series, presenter Michael Buerk is on a final warning as a Georgian costumed manservant at Wordsworth House, the childhood home of William Wordsworth. Can he redeem himself as he faces his public?
On the remote Farne Islands just off the Northumbrian coast, the rangers are desperate to weather the storms to get to the famous bird sanctuary. A wet winter could be bad news for the feathered visitors, especially the puffins. Numbers were drastically down in the last census in 2008. Will they be any better in 2013? Or are these much-loved birds at risk? 
And find out just how tiny a Jacobean teenager was compared to a 13-year-old today.
Series overview:
ITV takes a unique look inside some of Britain’s most treasured landscapes and buildings in Inside the National Trust.
This brand new 20 x 60 minute series offers a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the National Trust as we meet some of the dedicated army of people who look after Britain’s heritage sites.
Each show is packed with surprises and secrets and reveals just what it takes to ensure the survival of Britain’s magnificent heritage. And we meet the unsung heroes behind the scenes who go to extraordinary lengths to safeguard it on our behalf.
Michael Buerk is our guide as he meets our key characters across six varieties of location, from grand manor houses to remote islands.  Michael rolls up his sleeves and gets involved in the day to day activities. Over the course of the series we see him, amongst other things, painstakingly clean a priceless chandelier, train as a Georgian servant, learn the ancient craft of hedgelaying, photo-stalking deer and risking the wrath of puffins as he sticks his hand down burrows for a crucial count.
We meet a cast of devoted staff and volunteers who show us just what it takes to safeguard castles, mansions, townhouses and some of Britain’s most iconic landscapes. From the Cambridge English professor who volunteers to care for goats at the Trust’s Cambridgeshire farm for rare breeds,  to the former gardener in Northumberland who’s a walking encyclopaedia on one of the UK’s greatest Victorian houses and the family who lived there and the bird-mad warden who takes on the rigours of remote island life to protect one of the UK’s most important sanctuaries.