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Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs

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    2 of 8

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    Thu 26 Oct 2017
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 43 2017 : Sat 21 Oct - Fri 27 Oct
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Episode 2
There is nowhere in the world like Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and self-confessed canine addict Paul O’Grady is delighted to be back for a brand new series of the award-winning, heart-warming and at times heart-breaking programme.  In each of the eight episodes Paul brings us stories guaranteed to lead to tears of sadness as well as tears of joy and laughter, as we meet more of Battersea’s canine residents looking for love, care and a new home. 
In episode two, Paul meets a day old puppy who has been rejected by her mum, a Jack Russell who is only using three of his legs and a terrified mongrel who was left tied up outside Battersea.
Paul knows he needs to be strong when meeting puppies, as he often wants to adopt them all.  Little May, who is only a day old, is no exception.  Sadly, her German Shepherd mum has rejected her, so May is being hand-reared by handler Stacey who has taken over all motherly duties, including feeding May every two hours through the night.   When Paul first meets May, she can’t even open her eyes but just one month later he is stunned to see how big she’s grown.  As an only pup, May is missing out on the socialisation and training she would get from her siblings and her mum.  So Paul joins forces with Ali, Battersea’s Head Behaviourist.  He teaches her to sit using treats as an incentive and takes her to meet Puddle the puppy for some playtime.  The time comes for the vet to sign off on whether or not May is ready to be rehomed, but can handler Stacey bear to let her go? 
Next Paul meets Buster the Jack Russell who arrived at Battersea with a history of several traumas and as a result, can’t use one of his back legs.  His muscles are wasted and contracted and the team believe he’s going to need an operation and a lot of physio. 
Paul is full of affection for Buster and says: “I do like these little breeds you know. I like them because they’re loyal and they’re feisty and full of fun and energy.”
Buster then returns the compliment by getting very amorous with Paul’s arm.   And the camera man!  Paul visits Buster two weeks after his operation to take him for a walk and continue stretching his leg. 
Fourteen-year-old mongrel, Ben, was left tied to the railings of Battersea.  He is shaken, nervous and unresponsive, so handler Georgie has her work cut out. When Paul visits, he can’t take the crew with him for fear of upsetting Ben’s nervous disposition and the team set up a small camera in the corner of Ben’s kennel.  Ben isn’t eating his dinner and needs round the clock care to prove that his handlers are there to take care of him.  He also needs an operation to correct his gum disease, which is causing him plenty of pain. Once the surgery has taken place, everyone at Battersea is hopeful that Ben will find the new home he deserves…