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    Sat 25 Oct 2014
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    10.10pm - 11.15pm
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    Week 44 2014 : Sat 25 Oct - Fri 31 Oct
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    Fri 24 Oct 2014
The Jonathan Ross Show returns for a brand new series, featuring some of the biggest names from film, TV, sport, comedy and music.
On The Jonathan Ross Show this week, Jonathan welcomes one of our finest young actors Daniel Radcliffe, wild child turned West End star Lindsay Lohan, comedy whirlwind Russell Brand, and outspoken ex-England captain Rio Ferdinand.  Following on from their no.1 album there’s also music from The Script.
RUSSELL BRAND speaks to Jonathan about politics, not getting custody of his ex-partner’s dog and why he doesn’t vote
LINDSAY LOHAN reveals her experiences in prison and talks about being single. She also speaks about her past and what she hopes for the future
RIO FERDINAND exclusively reveals to Jonathan that he will retire from football at the end of the season and that he doesn’t fear retirement. He also shares his thoughts on the England manager and talks about England’s chances of success in the World Cup
DANIEL RADCLIFFE talks about never visiting Harry Potter World and his proudest achievement
And a music performance from The Script
In the second episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, which will air at 10.10pm on Saturday 25th October, Jonathan is joined by guests, revolutionary and comedian, Russell Brand, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, footballing legend, Rio Ferdinand and star of stage and screen, Daniel Radcliffe. 
During his interview, revolutionary Russell Brand spoke to Jonathan about politics and explained his reasons for not wanting to vote: “What I think is really interesting is if I say ‘don’t vote, there’s no one worth voting for,’ the thing that everyone is focussed on is the ‘don’t vote’ bit but the interesting bit is, there’s no one worth voting for, that’s the bit that’s important.”
Last time he came on the show, Russell brought his partner at the time, Jemima Khan’s, dog with him. During the interview at the time, Jonathan asked what would happen if they split and whether he would get any kind of doggy custody of Brian the dog. “Well now we know, it ain’t me,” Russell joked, “I just walk around with a limp lead!” Speaking about the loss of the dog and the end of the relationship, Russell said: “I loved that dog. What have you got to do, life’s hard isn’t it? You’ve just got to jog on, you sort it out, you move on, you focus, you think well that didn’t work out, I’ve lost that dog…” and then jokingly added, “We’re going to have to overthrow the Government!”
Russell was soon joined on the sofa by Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan who revealed to Jonathan her experiences in prison: “I was actually in ‘solitary confinement’ for 14 days. ‘Solitary confinement’ is actually very different, you leave your cell for one hour a day and you don’t go outside and I don’t think anyone knows that but the other girls in the other cells were in there for murder… They [the Prison Officers] said it was for ‘safety purposes’, I said, ‘what am I going to do?’ I said, ‘I made a mistake, I went to a club and then I drank and I drove home and that’s not the right thing to do but to put someone in that position, it was very scary, it was very jarring... The weirdest part for me was I finally had silence in my life… As terrified as I was and as scared as I was, I finally felt like I didn’t have to answer to anyone and I didn’t have to do anything for anyone. That was the weirdest part of it.” When Jonathan asked if perhaps it was a good thing for her in that case, Lindsay said, “Two days would have been enough.” 
Jonathan talks about going to see Lindsay’s new play and a protest in the West End which caused a delay to the show. He said his initial thought was that it might be something to do with Lindsay. Lindsay explained she was just caught up in traffic, “I was actually panicking in the car and I was going to get out of the car but it would have been silly to run all the way up [to the theatre] because my Security Guard would have killed me. But it was a strange thing because you have someone in the show who is understudying for you and I see this girl standing outside and she is just waiting and then I fly past her and she’s like [disappointed] and I was like ‘Look this is my show, I’m not missing a show that will never happen!’”
Earlier in the interview, Lindsay revealed she is currently single and said, “I’m looking for sticking with myself and just focussing on work. I’m just not looking for it.”
Jonathan joked, that Russell is “normally looking for it” to which Russell laughed, “I’ve sat on this settee, I’ve been good as gold!”
Joking along, Jonathan said, “It’s good that you’re together here because you do have much in common, you’ve both been through that period…” to which Russell said, “Do we? Do we Jonathan? You’ve decided have you? Are you going to do an arranged marriage? What if it doesn’t work?” And then he joked to a laughing Lindsay, “Have you got a dog?” referring to his previous partner’s pet dog, Brian. 
Speaking about her past, Lindsay said leaving Los Angeles has been good for her: “For me it was more of taking myself out of - and I really do mean this - Los Angeles getting back to my family and my roots then being able to take care of myself so several years… I needed to find a spiritual connection and I never really had that in the past and  that was really important to me and taking control of my life rather than just surrounding myself with distractions and people and things and noise so once I’m able to shut the noise off, I’m good and I’ve stayed in that for a while.”
Continuing on the topic of her past, Lindsay said: “I don’t think you could ever blame it on anyone else but yourself. I grew up in a very tumultuous family and I found peace and acting is therapy for me… That was an outlet for me, and that’s kind of why I did it when I lost that outlet and I felt pressured into doing it and I’d been doing so much for so long, it kind of just snapped and I didn't know what to do and I wasn’t going home. People are usually going to uni or college at that time, I didn’t have that experience so those were those years…” and on being in London now she said, “It’s nice to be on my own, it’s nice to start a fresh.”
Looking to the future, Lindsay said she feels at 28 years old, “I’ve been able to finally be like “wake up and smell the coffee.’”
Footballing legend, Rio Ferdinand spoke exclusively to Jonathan about hanging up his football boots and retiring at the end of this season.
Jonathan talked about reports in the papers that Rio might be staying with QPR or transferring away from the club early next year and asked Rio when thinks he might be calling a time on his career as a professional player. Rio said he thought he might retire at the end of this season but has lots in the pipeline: “I probably think the end of this season, I think you get to a time where you kind of start understanding your body and the strains playing football [is] putting your body through, going out and training every day. I’ve done it for so many years, it’s what I love... I will stay in football I’m sure in some capacity… I’ve signed to BT and stuff and I’ve done stuff with the BBC at the World Cup which I really enjoyed and it’s something I’m sure I will take up and do a bit more [of]. Coaching as well is something, I’m doing my badges as well and there are other bits and pieces outside of football… I’m not fearful of retirement, I’m looking forward to it, I can see some good stuff hopefully happening ahead.”
Opening up about racism in the ‘beautiful game’ Rio spoke about his family’s experiences which involved his brother Anton and John Terry: “It was frustrating more than anything. When you sit there and you see your brother, who you feel was racially abused... and then you see the effect it has on him and his career, then you see the affect it has on his family and you think to yourself ‘maybe a phone call or someone coming out and saying ‘sorry’ and holding their hands up could have maybe stopped it going as far as it did and for as long as it did,’ then the people surrounding it maybe wouldn't have been hurt and relationships wouldn't have been hurt and sacrificed and that’s the biggest thing out of it. A lot of people’s relationships are now dead in the water, whether they can be rectified time will tell.”
On football being a tool to help stop racism, Rio said he believes the issue is larger within society and needs to be fixed outside of the pitch: “I always used to say football is a great tool for it - to a certain extent it is - but I think it’s more society’s problem… You say to someone ‘your club is going to be reprimanded if racism goes on in the grounds,’ well people will just stop at the gates and leave it outside. It doesn’t mean that racism stops. Society, education, parenting it’s got to funnel down through that before football can have any kind of real hope of having an affect on it.”
Rio also shared his thoughts with Jonathan about the England team and whether England can one day win the World Cup: “The FA [Football Association] have started to try and make steps towards bringing forward a philosophy for our country. The likes of Germany, the likes of Spain had a ten, 12 year cycle where they started from the bottom and the grass roots up and I think we’ve needed to do that for a long period of time and I think we’re hopefully on the track of doing that.” And on whether Roy Hodgson is the right man to manage the team, Rio said: “After the last World Cup you wouldn’t say so but time will tell us."
Speaking of his early days at Manchester United, Rio revealed that manager Alex Ferguson pulled him up on his partying: “As I wasn’t training everyday, I was going out most nights enjoying the finer bright lights of Manchester going to the clubs seeing what’s what and about a month gone, he pulled me when I went out to training and he said ‘Rio, how are you enjoying Manchester?’ I said ‘It’s great boss, I’ve been out for a couple of meals here and there, just chilling out really trying to get back fit’ and he said ‘that’s great, just let’s not get off on the wrong foot, stop going out, you’re here to play football. If you want to keep playing football for this club, you kerb going out’... The problem is in Manchester - it’s smaller than London - he wouldn’t have to call anyone, everyone would call him because they want to be his mate… He knew everything, it was like the Mafia.”
Hollywood actor, Daniel Radcliffe, joined Russell Brand on the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about not having visited Harry Potter World yet and his proudest achievement.
Speaking about the theme park for Harry Potter World where the filmed the movies, Daniel revealed he’d never been despite being the star of the movies: “There’s never been a good time for me to go back when it wouldn’t cause some commotion or something but… Hopefully I’ll get to do a movie there and then just slip in… It’s amazing how little disguises help and then how ridiculous you feel once you’ve been found in a disguise.”
Speaking about his proudest moment, Daniel revealed it wasn’t necessarily the Harry Potter films that made his so famous but learning to dance: “I was the blankest canvas my dance teacher had ever seen… he taught me to dance, I owe it all to him. I don’t boast about stuff generally speaking - it’s not really me - but learning to dance on broadway and dancing in a broadway show is probably the thing I’m absolutely proudest of.”