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    Series 9 2015
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    Sat 24 Oct 2015
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    10.25pm - 11.30pm
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    Week 44 2015 : Sat 24 Oct - Fri 30 Oct
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    Fri 23 Oct 2015
DARCEY BUSSELL shares her Strictly Come Dancing predictions and performs ballroom moves with Jonathan
MARTIN CLUNES speaks about Sigourney Weaver appearing on Doc Martin after meeting her on The Jonathan Ross Show
NICK FROST opens up about his childhood and talks about his pal, Simon Pegg
TINIE TEMPAH talks about his career and hopes of settling down in the future
Plus a music performance from John Newman
For this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by ballet pro, Darcey Bussell; ITV’s Doc Martin, Martin Clunes; Actor and comedian, Nick Frost and British rapper, Tinie Tempah. John Newman also performs.
Strictly Come Dancing judge, Darcey Bussell shimmied onto the sofa to share her Strictly predictions and talk about her professional career as a ballerina.
Speaking to Jonathan about this year’s celebrity contestants on the show, she spoke about BBC broadcaster, Jeremy Vine: “He’s gorgeous… I am a fan, he’s kind of got an odd charm about him but he does look like a giant spider and you want him to kind of be able to bring it all together and contain it and it’s all a bit out here but he’s slowly getting it together.”
Of his dancing technique, she said: “It’s weird with him because he gets very overexcited and with those limbs and with the excitement, it goes wild so he doesn’t appreciate that one step for him looks like a leap, it looks like a giant leap. It’s all about him trying to mark the steps and he’d look 100 times better if [he used] half the amount of energy and smaller steps.”
“It’s so up to the audience and they do fall in love with characters just like Jeremy, as we do. I don’t think [he will make the final]. He is going to surprise us now you know that!”
Looking ahead to the final of the competition, Darcey revealed who she thinks is in with a chance of winning the coveted glitterball: “Georgia May [Foote], Helen George, probably Jay [McGuiness], Anita [Rani] from Countryfile is amazing.”
“Ainsley Harriott, I love him to bits he’s such a showman and you need a lot of that but it’s really weird because people progress differently and they do surprise you!”
Jonathan and Darcey performed some ballroom dance moves with fellow guest on the show, Martin Clunes, also getting involved in the dancing. [Pictures available from REX]
Darcey also spoke about her career in ballet: “It was always a short career and I think my parents didn’t want me to go into dancing. I don’t think they thought I had the discipline for it either but it’s weird, it is a short career and it has become shorter and you do have to think about what you’re going to do afterwards but I have to say I didn’t at all, I didn’t even think when my retirement time was going to be. I was very lucky, I had two kids while I still danced, my youngest was three my oldest was six when I retired.”
Darcey also revealed that she continued working right up until giving birth: “I actually took class and went into work every day until I gave birth but they say you should always do what you always do, don’t change it. So I looked a bit strange in class growing and growing.”
Darcey also spoke about learning to ‘pop and lock’ and she, Jonathan and the fellow show guests performed a pop and lock on the show [Pictures available from REX]: “I went online and went on one of those masterclasses on popping and locking but was pretty rubbish actually!”
Actor, Martin Clunes, joined Jonathan and spoke about working with Sigourney Weaver, trying to make it in the USA and he meets the UK’s smallest horse!
Speaking about Sigourney Weaver appearing on ITV’s Doc Martin series, Martin explained it was all down to a chance meeting on The Jonathan Ross Show earlier this year: “I came on here to plug [ITV drama] Arthur and George and Sigourney Weaver was here who I’d never met… She said ‘Oh I’ve watched every episode of Doc Martin...’ It turns out she is best friends with Selina Cadell - they were students together - who plays Mrs Tishell, our chemist and so that’s why she’d been watching and Philippa, my wife, was here afterwards and Sigourney said, ‘Oh can I be in it?’ and she said, ‘OK alright’ so we wrote a part for an American tourist and thought let’s wait and see if she likes it… and everything fell into place and over she came with her husband, Jim, and she was brilliant, she was really nice, the crew were so excited, so excited, I fell off my chair twice!”
The successful Brit also spoke about whether he had ever tried to make it as an actor in the States: “Ages ago when Philippa [his wife] and I first met, I directed a film and we went out there and tried to get directing work. I never sought it as an actor weirdly, I don’t know why. The idea of starting again or prospecting you kind of think, I’m only over here if they want me but I don’t want to go and live there.”
Martin - a self confessed “horse person” - also spoke about living on a working farm. As a treat, Jonathan brought out a miniature american horse named Barbie and what is thought to be the UK’s tiniest horse, Micro Dave. [Pictures available from REX]
Actor and comedian, Nick Frost also joined the sofa and opened up about starting out in acting, his childhood and best friend, Simon Pegg.
Speaking about starting out in acting, Nick admitted he was afraid at first: “I think I was really embarrassed about acting, it wasn’t something I was proud of at first and I was afraid of it. I was nervous to say lines in front of people.”
Nick also opened up about his childhood. He spoke about his family losing everything when his father’s business failed: “Being a young man you don’t realise that what they’ve done is in fact pumped everything into this business so when that failed essentially we were left literally with people taking chattels out of our house and the car went and that was essentially the point at which my life changed forever.”
He continued: “We got thrown out of our house, the house got taken away by creditors, we weren’t re-homed so our neighbour at the time - a lovely lady called Chris - actually put us up in her spare bedroom so there were three of us and a giant alsatian [in one room].”
“It was a sh*t time too, I think if you were younger, then you might not remember it and if you’re older, you can distance yourself from it but when you’re 14 to 16, it’s the meat and potatoes of it.”
Speaking about his close relationship with fellow actor, Simon Pegg, Nick said, “[We are] just two halves of the same coin essentially… We just got each other immediately, we liked the same things and it just worked straight away.”
Multi award winning musician, Tinie Tempah, also joined the sofa and talked about family life and settling down.
Speaking to Jonathan, the rapper said his mother wasn’t always convinced of his career choice in music: “As a nigerian parent - I’m originally from Nigeria, born here - they are very much academic, that’s where you win… She always wanted me to go through a safer route like be a doctor or an accountant. All of my sisters have degrees in Sociology and Law and I just have plaques, I just put up record plaques next to the degrees.”
On settling down, the 26 year old said he does see it in his future: “Of course, I feel like by the time I’m 30 I want a life like you Martin,” he said, referring to Martin Clunes’ life in the countryside, “I want a farm, I want some animals, no seriously I’m actually being really serious. I want some horses basically!”