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Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green

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    2 of 8

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    Mon 04 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 45 2013 : Sat 02 Nov - Fri 08 Nov
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The second episode of the series takes Robson well off the beaten track, where he learns what it’s like to live in the most remote part of England. 
Stretching from the Scot’s border to Hadrian’s Wall, the Northumberland national park is the most sparsely populated area of England. Despite covering four hundred square miles, only two thousand people live here. That’s just five people per square mile.
Robson hikes through miles of empty moorland to Wark Forest in search of a bed for the night. Robson sets up camp in a bothy, a ramshackle farmhouse used as refuge huts for walkers. 
With no power, running water or even a toilet, Robson says, “This really is back to basics.” 
When the camera crew go home, the prospect of spending a night in the wilderness starts to hit home for Robson. Whilst he didn’t get the best night’s sleep, Robson did experience the Northumberland night sky. Robson says, “Seeing stars like this… I won’t forget this in a hurry. Truly amazing.”
The next day, a bleary-eyed Robson admits that he hasn’t slept a wink, saying: “What a nightmare, how do I get myself in these situations?!”
To get a sense of what life is like for people who live in the area, Robson meets a young woman who has taken on the challenge of running one of the most remote farms in England. 
Emma Grey, the 23-year-old shepherdess, says: “Northumberland is remote enough as it is, but this farm is about as remote as you can find. Some people think it’s wonderful and it’s a fantastic way of life and it’s a great place to live. Other people think I’m stark raving bonkers.”
Finally, Robson visits Kielder Observatory, which gives visitors the opportunity to witness incredible sights such as Saturn and the northern lights. 
The observatory is a labour of love for bricklayer turned astronomer Gary Fildes, who shows Robson exactly why he’s so passionate about the night sky. 
As they take a look at a globular cluster with approximately a million suns that are 25,000 light years away, Robson says, “I’ve been here in Northumberland most of my life, and that is a first for me.”
Series overview:
Actor Robson Green returns to his home turf for a new factual series, which sees him lead viewers through a unique and often overlooked part of Britain that remains close to his heart.
In Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green, Robson reveals why the county of his birth, to which he has recently returned to live, still remains for him a magical and mysterious ancient kingdom. 
Over eight episodes, Robson travels the length and breadth of this magical landscape by land, sea and air to see things he’s never seen before and discover a side of Northumberland that he never knew.
He immerses himself in many of the unique experiences the area has to offer, spending the night in one of the most remote spots in Britain, stargazing into the darkest skies in England and exploring the rich and deep history of a county which has its own flag, tartan and dialect. Not forgetting its iconic locations such as Holy Island and Hadrian’s Wall, which are key to the nation’s ancestral roots. 
Stretching from just north of Newcastle up to the Scottish border, Northumberland boasts more castles than any other county as well as vast expanses of unspoilt, rugged countryside, allowing Robson to encounter all walks of county life from a lord and lady to a shepherdess. 
As he reconnects with his homeland, Robson also sees it like never before and whether faced with sleeping in a lighthouse, or being attacked by birds in the wilderness, it’s not an experience he will be forgetting any time soon.