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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

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    Wed 18 Nov 2020

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    Week 47 2020 : Sat 14 Nov - Fri 20 Nov

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    Mon 02 Nov 2020

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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

Series overview

“Kent is known as the garden of England but her beauty has been slightly tarnished lately because all you hear about Kent is lorry parks and operation stack on the M20. I think it’s about time Kent was given a fair hearing because there’s some lovely stuff down here and a hell of a lot I haven’t seen, you know.” Paul O’Grady

In this brand new six-part ITV series, presenter Paul O’Grady shares the beautiful sights, stories and secrets of his beloved adopted home county, Kent. 

With foreign holidays off the cards, Paul’s heading off in search of thrills, spills and misadventure on his very own doorstep, from his Kent farm.  He will escape across all corners of the county to discover the weird, wonderful, extraordinary and unusual gems that Kent has to offer. From exploring some of the county’s extraordinary scenery and wildlife to unearthing quirky tales of local history and tradition – Paul is on a mission to share the ultimate Kent staycation and lots of laughter along the way.

An Olga TV Production.

Episode 2

This episode sees Paul explore his neck of the woods in Kent – the spectacular Romney Marshes and Dungeness. This unique, mystical landscape is full of extremes, and despite having lived here over 20 years, Paul discovers it’s still full of surprises and the unexpected.

Paul’s escape starts by jumping on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, a beautiful miniature steam train that runs along the picturesque Kent coastline. Once aboard, Paul reminisces hilariously about the first time he went to Dungeness when he compared the ethereal scenery to a ‘void of desolation’. Now though it’s his favourite place on earth.

Arriving in Dungeness, Paul heads to the RSPB nature reserve – classified as the UK’s only desert, it’s home to over a third of the UK’s wildflower species. But Paul not here to see birds or plant, he’s here to meet Dungeness’s most surprising inhabitants – leeches. Having got over his shock, Paul is led to a freshwater pool to help with a leech survey to monitor their health – but first he has to catch one. Of all the many animals Paul has met around the world, few have made as big as impression on him as leeches.

Next, Paul heads to Dungeness beach, the largest expanse of shingle anywhere in Europe. Here he meets local fisherman Mark to go ‘shrimping’ – a traditional Kentish job dating back hundreds of years. Waders on, and six-foot wide net in hand, Paul’s soon knee deep into the English Channel in search of shrimps - one of Kent’s most popular delicacies. It’s tiring work involving Paul dredging his huge net through the muddy shallows – but will all his hard work pay off?

Finally, Paul heads inland to the heart of the Romney Marshes, where he meets another unexpected local resident – a unlikely herd of alpacas. These calming animals thrive in grassy marshlands, and they provide Paul with the perfect escape after leeches and shrimping. But when Paul’s encouraged to take part in an alpaca yoga session, his tranquillity soon descends into comic leg cramps as he ties himself in knots.