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Mystery Map

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    2 of 2

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    Wed 27 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 48 2013 : Sat 23 Nov - Fri 29 Nov
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    Last in series
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Episode two: 
In the second episode of Mystery Map, Julia travels to Berkeley, Gloucestershire, to investigate what may have caused a strange rain to fall in August 2012. Julia meets eyewitnesses who describe seeing roads covered in seaweed and talks to experts who try to explain the mystery. She also visits Topsham in Devon, to explore the story known as the ‘Devil’s Footprints’. In February 1855, it was reported that unusual, cloven-heeled prints appeared in the snow in single file, leading up to the door of Clyst Saint George. The footprints scaled up walls and onto rooftops and continued for over 100 miles. Julia investigates whether these prints were a result of a prank or something more sinister. Finally, Julia finds out more about spontaneous human combustion and carries out an experiment to recreate the mysterious occurrence. 
Also this week, Ben visits Nottinghamshire to find out about an extraordinary happening in 1980 where 300 children, at a marching band competition marching band, all suffered fainting attacks and nausea at the same time. Next, Ben investigates the story of the Beast of Bodmin Moor and meets some of the people who claim to have seen it. He also spends a night in a specially built hide hoping to catch a glimpse of the big cat himself. Following on from hunting one big cat, Ben meets dogs that appear to have extra sensory perception (ESP). He speaks to owners who say their dogs can sense events before they happen and recounts a story from his childhood of when his own dog seemed to display ESP.
Series overview:
Ben Shephard and Julia Bradbury present a new series for ITV exploring some of the nation’s best-known mysteries and unexplained occurrences. The series examines everything from the infamous Beast of Bodmin Moor and a bizarre spinning Egyptian relic, to the ghost of Guy Fawkes believed to haunt an inn in York.
In this brand-new two part series, Ben and Julia take to the road to investigate for themselves the background to these mysterious sightings, ghostly goings on and tales of mythical beasts. Using reconstructions and interviews with eyewitnesses, experts and historians each story is brought to life. The presenters set out to explore the details of each mystery and their possible explanations, to consider how they came about and why people believe in them.