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Get Your Act Together

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    Sun 25 Jan 2015
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    7.00pm - 8.15pm
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    Week 05 2015 : Sat 24 Jan - Fri 30 Jan
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Get Your Act Together will see some of our best-loved stars join forces with some of the world’s most talented variety acts to put on a unique performance.    
Each week, host Stephen Mulhern will be joined by five different celebrities who battle it out to learn jaw dropping talents, from contortion to fire dancing, ventriloquism to acrobatics, juggling to plate spinning.  
Under the watchful guise of the world’s most talented acts and performers, the celebrities will have intensive training to master their chosen skill.  Viewers will see unique collaborations as the celebrity and their mentors then take to the stage together to perform in front of a studio audience. 
In the second show of the series TV presenter Gaby Roslin will be mentored by extreme juggler Marcus Monroe; actor Nigel Havers will be mentored by ventriloquist Paul Zerdin; rapper and songwriter Chip will be mentored by the Shaolin Monks; singer and TV personality Sinitta will be mentored by pole fitness expert Bendy Kate and comedian and actor Rufus Hound will be mentored by magician Jamie Allen.
Viewers will also get to see all the action from backstage as our celebrities attempt to overcome their nerves and face last minute rehearsals ahead of their  moment in the spotlight.  
Each week it will be down to the studio audience to decide which celebrity, along with their mentor, has entertained them the most and goes through to the Final.
Who will be able to embrace their chosen skill, hold their nerve and Get Their Act Together? 
Nigel Havers
Act: Ventriloquism
Mentor: Paul Zerdin
Are you looking forward to performing as a ventriloquist?
Yes. I always like a challenge and it’s something I have never done before. It’s kind of inspiring to see if I can do it. I had no idea about the intricacies of it all. You have to split your head in two. You have to be one side as you and the other as the dummy. It’s going to be interesting (during the performance)! It will probably drive my wife crazy, as I’ll come back with a dummy that I might start talking to! 
Is this out of your comfort zone?
Don’t be ridiculous! This is totally out of my comfort zone. I don’t usually do jobs that require ventriloquism but there we are!
How has the training gone?
People don’t normally talk with their mouths closed. I have been practicing quietly on my own and saying things like ‘hello, how are you?’ But Paul is a fantastic teacher. I’ve known him for years. I’ve done pantomimes with him, so I have watched him from the wings night after night. 
Does being an actor help at all?
I’m used to projecting my voice but you’ve still got to get your brain around the fact you can’t open your mouth while you are talking! The key to a good performance will be speaking without moving my mouth. Practice makes perfect though!
Do you think anything can go wrong?
It could all go wrong! I’ve been doing a play for quite a while now and things go wrong out of the blue. I talk total nonsense sometimes because the brain is just firing on all cylinders. But if it goes wrong, it could be funny. 
Would you like to reach the final?
Of course. We want to win! We are a very competitive duo, so if we don’t get through to the final there will be trouble!
Act: Kung Fu Martial Arts
Mentors: Shaolin Monks
How are you feeling about taking on this new challenge?
I’ve performed all over the world and worked with some of the biggest artists in the world, and I can honestly say stage fright isn’t something I get when it comes to doing what comes naturally. But this is pretty different to say the least. It is very challenging. 
Have you done martial arts before?
I did Taekwondo when I was younger. But it didn’t last too long. My first tournament I got a dirty kick in my lip and that was it after that! It’s a very different level working with the Shaolin Monks. They’re probably the most disciplined people in the world. I feel pretty overwhelmed at the opportunity to even be able to train with these guys. 
Are you worried about the danger element?
I’m worried and I think my friends are worried for me! I’m a risk taker. Shaolin Monks are pretty hardcore.
Is there anything that may hinder you in training?
I flew off a quad bike in the summer and bust my head open. My leg hasn’t got quite back to 100 per cent. I’ve been undergoing some physio but my leg has not been back 100 per cent. I figured they (Shaolin Monks) might have to help me but I’ll try my best to not let my injury hold me back. 
Have you done any acrobatic moves before?
Definitely when I flew off the quad bike! I went forward over the bars! I think I must have done at least three in the air.
Are you looking forward to it all?
Yeah man, I’m looking forward to it. Let’s have some fun, let my fans see me do some stuff. I’m definitely excited.
How different is this going to be to performing on stage?
Very, very, very different. Definitely all the way out of my comfort zone. They say that’s where life begins. So I say, ‘hey let’s go’. I do think my performance background will help with nerves. I think I’ve got what it takes to tackle a new sport. 
Act: Pole Fitness
Mentor: Bendy Kate
Your very brave learning to pole dance…
I know! I am losing my mind. I am getting crazier the older I get. 
What was your reaction when they asked you?
First of all I laughed and thought ‘you are joking right?’ But you know me! I can’t say no to an opportunity to learn how to pole dance!
Have you done any pole dancing before?
Never in my life! I have never even done it at a friend’s party or for a laugh. It is a lot harder than I realised it would be.
Why is it a lot harder?
You have to be super strong. It’s like being a gymnast. You have to have so much body weight on your arms. I thought I was fit but there is a difference. Being toned and doing sit-ups is not the same as having proper Olympic strength. 
What is the hardest thing to conquer?
The pole hurts. Imagine extreme rope burns along cold metal running across your flesh. I have been in really serious, horrible pain.
Do you have lots of aches and pains then?
Yes all underneath my bottom is completely bruised. I am dark skinned but I can see black bruises around my tender areas. My clothes hurt when they touch my body. 
Have you enjoyed any of it?
Actually towards the end of training I had a breakthrough with it all and I managed to get three quarters of the way through the routine without stopping. I have been stopping because of the pain. Getting my body through the pain barrier is a hard thing. 
What is Bendy Kate like?
She is amazing. She is super gorgeous, young and flexible. She knows it is hard but she can’t remember when it was hard. It is the first time in my life I have felt old. 
We hear she had to tell you off?
My whole health and beauty regime has gone down the tube! I pride myself on having baby soft skin and I normally put moisturiser on my entire body. Also part of the routine involves me rolling around the floor. I am not that kind of girl. We had a few words about it all. She won! She is the mentor. I didn’t want to be seen fighting on TV with my mentor when I make people do what I say. I can’t put the moisturiser on. After the show, I am going to sit in a tub of baby oil to get my skin back to normal. 
What do your kids think?
They think it is amazing. They are really impressed and a bit nervous, as some of the stunts are dangerous. They are like ‘Mama, be careful’.
Do you now have more respect for pole dancers?
Yes. They have such a serene look on their faces and they look so sexy and pretty. But these people have cores of steel. It is so hard. This is the hardest, physical thing I have ever done. 
Is this going to be your new party trick?
I may as well! But at least at home, I can wear gloves and protective clothing. I have got bruise on top of bruise right now. 
How would you feel to win?
Omg I can’t even describe it. This would be such a miracle. It’s been hard. I have done lots of competitions and never won anything. To win for pole dancing would be hilarious and the biggest surprise of my life. 
Gaby Roslin
Act: Extreme juggling
Mentor: Marcus Monroe
What was your reaction when you were asked to do this?
I laughed a lot!
Did you need a lot of persuading?
No! I discussed it with the kids and they thought it was so cool. I don’t take life too seriously, and this is not life changing for me. It is just a laugh and a bit of fun! I am not going to be a juggler afterwards and I don’t need a huge journey in my life. I don’t mind taking the mickey out of myself. 
Have you juggled before?
Never in my life. The thing about this is it is very good to keep fit. Someone should bring out a juggling video, as it’s great for your bum! I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this. 
What’s your mentor like?
Marcus is hysterically funny, a brilliant juggler and I have made a new friend. 
How tough has the training been?
Have you tried juggling with three balls or with giant sparklers?! It’s really silly. Neither of us takes it too seriously.
Have you hit yourself?
I have a lot but it’s fine. My only problem is laughing so much. I can’t stop. 
Are you nervous about the performance?
I don’t mind if I drop things. I am not a natural born juggler – let’s put it that way. After the performance, I will never juggle again but I know I have had a great laugh. Sometimes, I laugh so much, I want to wee myself!
What do your children think of your juggling?
They haven’t seen me do it with Marcus but they have seen me at home. They think it’s really cool I have been partnered with an extreme juggler who is the funniest guy on the planet. 
How would it feel to reach the final?
Absolutely no way, thank you darling! I have done it. Good night juggling!
Does it make you want to learn new skills?
I did Sewing Bee recently and it was great but I haven’t done any sewing since. You can’t teach old dog new tricks.
Rufus Hound
Act: Magic
Mentor: Jamie Allan
“Truth be told I’ m actually really looking forward to it, its one of the great illusions isn’t it?  And I get the chance to do it.”
“I’m very excited, I think I might have to embrace my inner Vegas.”
“The heyday of really brilliant stage illusions was really the mid eighties. Watching Jamie (Allan) I don’t know if I can do what he does, so how do I make this my own? By being someone else.”
“I met wardrobe today and I think that is where this trick is going to be made or broken. If you get the costume spangly enough then the win will surely follow.”