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The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series on ITV in January 2015.
The last series - which attracted audiences of up to 4 million - uncovered a host of exclusives from the world of showbiz and sport. Lindsay Lohan talked about her experiences in prison for the first time; Lee Evans exclusively revealed that he was retiring from comedy; and Paul McCartney opened up about his relationship with John Lennon and shared his thoughts on his friend’s death, a subject he hadn’t spoken about before.
As well as that, Lily Allen opened up about her family life, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini spoke to Jonathan about her marriage in her first full TV interview since her summer nuptials and Rio Ferdinand revealed his retirement from football. The series also included rare TV interviews with broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson who reflected on his controversial year and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who spoke openly about his political rivals and the idea of becoming Prime Minister.
As well as exclusive interviews, Jonathan’s guests also showed off their entertaining skills; James McAvoy and Barry Manilow joined together for an impromptu rendition of Copacabana, Gordon Ramsay joined Jonathan and Katherine Jenkins for a burst of operatic Barcelona and Ed Sheeran took on Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton in a go kart race.
DANNY DYER talks about his recent success and says he’d love to take on the roles of Bond and Sherlock! He also talks about the gruelling filming schedule which made him ill
MEL & SUE put forward their response to the infamous ‘Bingate’ and talk about all things Bake Off
DAME DIANA RIGG gives Danny Dyer acting advice and says she won’t be retiring any time soon
JOHNNY VEGAS talks about revealing too much of himself to Joan Collins and practises stage snogging with Jonathan!
For the second episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which airs on Saturday at 9.20pm on ITV - Jonathan is joined by East End boy, Danny Dyer, comedy double act, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, acting legend, Dame Diana Rigg and funny man and star of Benidorm, Johnny Vegas.
Cockney lad, Danny Dyer, joined Jonathan to speak about high flying in EastEnders, his award wins and his family.
Danny - who won the National Television Award for Best Serial Drama Performance last week - said of his success: “It’s a moment… it was a bit weird being up against Kellie [Bright] because obviously she’s my best mate on the show but it was a bit scary walking up there [in front of] 20,000 people… [I thought] ‘I’m going to undo it all that hard by saying one thing!’”
Danny admitted he didn’t prepare a speech ahead of the NTAs and tried to be modest after beating his onscreen wife to the win: “No I didn’t [prepare a speech for the NTAs] I just thought ‘go up there and blag it’… Because of Kellie I love her and respect her, I didn’t want to give it the biggun too much but inside I was going ‘what a touch!’” He later admitted that he left the celebrating to after he had accepted it.
Referring to winning a TV Choice Award at the end of last year, Danny spoke about his drunken acceptance speech at the non televised event: “I’ve never won nothing in my life… well I’ve won a couple of others [in the last] year, one of them I cannot remember at the TV Choice Awards... I would never advise anyone if you’re up for an award to sit there sucking on tequila because I woke up the next day, I looked across and I thought ‘I’ve won!’ I can see the award and I thought that means I’ve accepted it and I don’t remember nothing… I had a foul mouthed rant didn’t I? But I don’t think it was that bad, I thought I was alright considering I was completely off my nut.”
On his role as Mick Carter in EastEnders, Danny said he regularly introduces a new vocabulary to the script, much to the dismay of the writers: “I made the job hard for myself really because I thought when I come in it, I want to bring back a bit of the East End. They’re good writers there but they’re quite middle class people so I’m constantly changing the dialogue and I’m freaking their nut out and they have meetings over the word ‘boat race’ [cockney rhyming slang for ‘face’].” On viewers who may not follow his cockney rhyming slang, Danny joked, “Let them Google it… it means they’re paying attention!”
Danny - whose success has soared since he started in the soap just over a year ago - admitted it has catapulted his career: “I can’t remember really having a career before EastEnders… it’s completely engulfed my life. 25 years I’ve been an actor, I can’t remember none of it… It’s just taken over my life this role… and it’s like I’m getting a bit of recognition all of a sudden, it’s a strange feeling.”
On the misery in Albert Square, Danny admitted that filming emotional scenes affects him: “That’s the game we’re in, it affects your nut, it does, I’m not going to lie… We have a laugh now and again [in the show], once every six months you smile the rest you just sob your heart out… I’m sick of crying… The thing for me is I go there, I go to some dark places in my nut so that’s real tears so you go home and you’re still half crying... you can whack Vicks in your eye you can, you can go down that route, it would be easier… in general I think you go there, you do.”
On his gruelling filming schedule, Danny even shared that it made him ill at one point: “It was tough last year, they rinsed the life out of me and I appreciate it I do but towards the end of it I’d done 170 odd episodes and basically I was so exhausted, I sh*t my pants… I got so ill… I was so exhausted, I was spewing up… and it was like a crime scene, the dressing room… they had to get the doctors out and everything, I wasn’t allowed to leave until the doctor came and he said ‘he’s exhausted, you’ve got to let him go home’… it was just so emotional I just lost the plot.” He later laughed to the wolf-whistling audience, “I’m not so sexy now!”
Admitting his nerves at the upcoming week of live episodes on EastEnders, Danny said: “It’s a machine, to do it live it’s petrifying… once you hear that music [the iconic opening music sequence], I don’t care there will be bum flappage.”
Danny - who’s role as Mick Carter sees him play what some might call ‘the ideal man’ - said his partner often wants him to bring the character home: “It’s the ultimate insult isn’t it? She says ‘where’s my Mick?’ and I say ‘well the geezers got eight people writing for him.’”
On his partner of 25 years, Joanne Mas, Danny said: “I love her to death, without her I’m nothing. I’ve been with her since I was a kid and she’s been there, she used to pay for my travel cards to get me to auditions when I was a skint boat.” He spoke about their family, joking that his 14 month old son is putting him through his paces: “He’s a lunatic this kid, he’s off his nut… I’ve had the tasmanian devil. I mean this geezer, he doesn’t play with toys he just comes up to you with screws and you think ‘what’s he done now?’... he says ‘Daddy’, ‘Mummy’ and ‘get down’... Honestly you need a SWAT team to change his [nappy]… you just forget how hard the baby thing is… I don’t know how people deal with twins and stuff, respect to you.”
Danny - who also has two daughters aged 18 and seven - said of his actor daughter who is in a film: “I’m useless around her, I sob my heart out [with pride]… She didn’t ask for any of my advice she just cracked on, she’s got it in her blood I suppose but she’s a beautiful little human being, she’s a credit to me… she’s talented and she wants it more than anything else so I’ll just sit back and I’ll be there if she wants any advice.”
Comedy partnership, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, joined the sofa and spoke about The Great British Bake Off and infamous ‘Bingate’ controversy from the last series.
On taking part in a celebrity series of the baking show, Danny admitted he had been asked but wasn’t sure of Mary Berry’s thoughts after an altercation with her when he accepted his award at the TV Choice Awards last year: “They’ve asked me to do it but I don’t know how Mary is with me because I cuddled her at the [TV Choice] Awards. I didn’t lick her ear hole,” he promised, disputing claims, “that’s the night I don’t remember, I would never do that… I just put my arms around her… I don’t remember but I wouldn’t do it… I love Mary Berry ,respect!” Mel put his mind to rest telling him not to worry if he did lick her ear as suggested, “She would have loved it Danny.”
On the ‘Bingate’ controversy which appeared on the last series of The Great British Bake Off, Sue put her side of the story across: “41 seconds [the baked alaska was out of the freezer] but I’m so glad it was on Newsnight, because what I hate is news taking up Newsnight, it really annoys me how much news gets into my grill so I’m really pleased we could put some baking stuff on there!” she joked.
On online trolls who tweeted abuse online, Sue said: “It was horrid, we do feel really protective of [the contestants involved], it’s just silly you sometimes need people to just telescope out and go ‘it is just a hungarian sponge or a gateau’. We don’t need to go to war over it and people’s lives don’t need to be ruined and I think this year was difficult because you could see how people were being trolled online and it’s not nice.”
Acting royalty, Dame Diana Rigg, also joined the sofa and spoke about her acting career, role in The Avengers and shared some of her acting advice with Danny Dyer.
On her part in The Avengers, the Dame said: “[My part] was meant for a man originally and then the man didn’t continue in the part and then Honor Blackman took over and they didn’t change the script and suddenly this woman had all the accomplishments of a man - which in fact was ahead of it’s time because in the end women of course had those accomplishments and were able to look after themselves and be completely independent and have a parity with men which is absolutely right.”
Continuing to speak about men and women in the industry, Diana said that equality is becoming more evident: “[We are] not having to fight quite so much and not having to be quite so strident. I honestly believe that equality exists economically more than anything else, maybe in the minds of men and they are the pathetic relics of the past are they not?... But the fact is that if you’re earning the same amount of money as a man, they obviously do treat you with respect if you have the same power as a man they treat you with respect.”
Diana - who revealed she was paid less than the men involved with the production of The Avengers said: “I was paid less than the camera man… All I know is I found out I was earning less than the cameraman and I said ‘just wait a minute, hello’ and suddenly I emerged as this rather mercenary creature who said ‘that’s not good enough’ but sure enough the salary went up and as the salary went up so you were treated with more respect.”
Danny Dyer - who was sitting alongside Dame Diana and the other guests - admitted that he’d like to take on the iconic role of James Bond: “I’d like to do a cockney Bond,” he said, “I think there’s room for a cockney Bond, I think half a lager shaken not stirred… I’d love to have a go on that!”
Diana said Danny should try and practice other accents to extend the roles he’d be suitable for. “Listen, are you limiting your career by being an upfront cockney?” she asked. Danny responded, “I think I could do Sherlock, I think it’s a great role. Doctor Who, something like that… I don’t think it’s about accent, I think it’s about charisma and I think it’s about personality.” He also admitted if he could play any character it would be the international man of mystery: “It would probably be Bond, it is probably the greatest part ever.”
Commenting on his strong London twang, Diana said “It limits you, don’t you understand that
you could do any part?”
Putting his accent skills to the test, Jonathan handed Danny some famous lines from Sherlock and the James Bond films and Danny read them out in his best “posh” accent. Mentoring him to speak in a more well spoken way, Diana said: “I’m a Dame, do it straight! We’ve heard your cockney!” and after he had completed his mini-performances, Diana said, “that’s so good!”
“My point is I think that it could be cockney though!” Danny persuaded, “Don’t be stupid!” Diana laughed, “Your accent overrides everything and I despair for you!” she joked.
“I love the fact that Dame Diana Rigg has just assassinated me!” Danny laughed and a caring Diana said, “I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t interested.”
Later in the show, Danny admitted he had auditioned for several parts in Game of Thrones which Dame Diana appears in. “I’ve been up for it three times, I got three knockbacks,” Danny admitted. Diana said, “I’ll put in a word for you as long as you lose the cockney act!”
The Dame - who is 76 years old - said she has no plans to retire: “No. Why? I mean as long as I can remember my lines and move around, I’ll keep going because that’s what we do, you just keep working until you fall off the twig.”
Funny man - and star of Benidorm - Johnny Vegas joined the sofa and spoke about expecting another baby, working with Joan Collins and he even practised some stage-kissing on Jonathan! [Pictures available from Rex]
Speaking about his recent announcement that he and wife Maia Dunphy are expecting a child, he said: “We are having a little boy hopefully. That’s what the tests have said.”
Laughing about a baby scan with a pint of Guinness super imposed into it which the couple released on Twitter, Johnny laughed “My wife did that… [she said] ‘Look there’s one way of proving it’s yours just in case people think things aren’t working out.’”
On telling his 11 year old son from a previous relationship, Johnny said: “It was amazing… he [son Michael] went quiet for seven seconds and was actually listening and wasn’t thinking about Minecraft… You could see his eyes processing and then he got up and he went and hugged his step mum… I think he thought we were winding him up!”
Johnny - who had lived separately from his wife even though they were married - said it was mostly down to their work schedules: “She had a career in Ireland, I had a career in the UK, we got used to commuting and it’s almost habit for me that’s what we do… My wife has a really strong work ethic and I do… [we thought] We’ll see each other when we can... We developed slowly as a family and [with my son] she never turned up in our lives and tried to put herself on Michael so it was a slow thing, it was a slow cooker as opposed to frying eggs!”
Johnny recounted the story of his first meeting with Dame Joan Collins: “Much like Diana [Rigg], you don’t know what they’re going to be like until you meet them… the first time I met Joan Collins I was on a chat show with you [Jonathan]… she was in the green room and didn’t know that I was a guest. I sat down and I said ‘hiya’ and she kept pulling these facial movements [as if to say] ‘he keeps talking to me. One of the mad ones have got through!’”
Johnny spoke about a scene in an episode of the current series of Benidorm in which he revealed a little too much of himself to her. His character, Geoff Maltby, is caught in a misunderstanding as he relaxes in bed watching television in his underpants and is walked in on by the glamorous Crystal Hennessy-Vass, played by Collins: “I’m lying on the bed… she walks in the room and does this brilliant gasp and you go ‘that’s why she’s an amazing actress’ and it turns out my boxer shorts were split right up the side… there was a view that wasn’t meant to happen!”
“I bet she was thrilled” joked Dame Diana Rigg, with Johnny saying, “Not really, I reckon she channelled it [into her acting].”
The conversation soon moved onto love scenes with the actors all comparing their views on kissing on stage or screen.
“It’s really hard kissing someone on screen, it’s really hard doing love scenes. I actually don’t enjoy it because you have to look back and go ‘is that what I look like?’” Johnny said with Danny disagreeing, “There’s no such thing as a stage kiss, if you’re going to tongue someone and you’re in love with them on screen… you sell the role so therefore you kiss someone like you’re in love, so therefore you kiss someone like you kiss… Say you’re married to someone for 20 years like EastEnders on screen, then you kiss them how you kiss [in real life]” Danny said.
Practising his stage kissing, Johnny launched himself onto Jonathan for a full on snog: “I’ve never been kissed with such passion…” Jonathan joked; “And yet no tongue,” a gentle Johnny pointed out. “But quite a lot of stubble!” Jonathan laughed.