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Tales from the Coast with Robson Green

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    Tue 07 Feb 2017
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    8.00pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 06 2017 : Sat 04 Feb - Fri 10 Feb
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“It’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do. The energy of the sea and the coastline, it’s very exciting in a way that really makes life worth living for me.” Jerome Flynn after sea kayaking with good friend Robson Green 
The UK has one of the most varied coastal landscapes in the world, from sweeping sands and rugged cliffs, to mudflats and spits. It’s home to colourful seaside towns and historic fishing villages, and in this new series, Tales from the Coast, Robson Green travels along some of its most fascinating stretches of coastline, to discover just what it is about the shoreline that continues to enthral and inspire.
In each of the four episodes, Robson will travel along a different stretch of coast, from the wild and remote Outer Hebrides and the unspoiled beaches of North Devon, to the remote islands of Pembrokeshire and the varied coastal landscape of Essex and Suffolk.  
On his travels, Robson will take on exciting new experiences and meet people who share his passion for the British coast. He’ll go wild camping in the Outer Hebrides, climb dramatic sea cliffs in the Bristol Channel, explore the hidden coves of South-West Wales and visit some of Britain’s most wild and remote islands. He even unwittingly finds himself involved in a dramatic cliff top rescue - and makes the evening news.
During his journey, he hopes to find out how our coastline has influenced both the way we work and the way we spend our holidays, and how being an island nation has shaped the Britain we know today.
In episode two, Robson visits one of the most exciting and dramatic stretches of coastline in Britain as he explores the hidden coves and remote islands of Pembrokeshire in South West Wales, home to the UK’s only entirely coastal National Park.
Robson said: “You can explore hidden lagoons, kayak in the sea caves, and encounter extraordinary wildlife. So I’m hoping the next few days are going to be a real adventure.”
There’s a reunion in store for Robson, as he meets up with his former Soldier Soldier co-star and singing partner Jerome Flynn, who is now living on the Pembrokeshire coast. They go sea kayaking around Ramsey Island before Robson attempts to navigate some of the most powerful and dangerous tidal rapids off British shores - known locally as ‘The Bitches’.
After their kayaking, Jerome said: “It’s actually something I’ve always wanted to do. The energy of the sea and the coastline, it’s very exciting in a way that really makes life worth living for me.”
On Skokholm Island, Robson spends 24-hours living and working with its only human permanent inhabitants, wildlife wardens Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown, a couple who look after an incredible array of seabirds, including the largest concentration of Manx Shearwaters in the world.
On island life, Richard said: “It’s not for everyone, but a life living somewhere so beautiful, 100 mile-per-hour winds and you hear it screaming outside, and just seeing how life survives in those sorts of conditions.”
Robson also dons a wetsuit and goes cliff jumping in a disused slate quarry known as The Blue Lagoon, goes coracle fishing in the Teifi Estuary, and meets a man who creates giant sand art at Mwnt Beach.
With his time in Wales at an end, Robson said: “My journey along the Pembrokeshire coast has been full of new experiences, it’s brought me closer to nature, and at times, scared the living daylights out of me. But it’s also made me realise how being by the coast can really get the heart beating.”