Instagram’s Worst Con Artist

Instagrams Worst Con Artist

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Week 18 2024 : Sat 27 Apr - Fri 03 May

Wed 17 Apr 2024

Instagram’s Worst Con Artist

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Episode 2

Belle Gibson’s successful wellness empire comes crashing down as she’s exposed as a fraudster who has lied to her followers about her brain cancer, causing harm and distress to many. Her exposure triggers one of the world’s first large scale cancel operations as her wellness cook book is pulped by Penguin and her App disappears from the Apple watch. 

Belle appears on TV to defend herself, but it backfires when she is unable to answer the most straight forward questions truthfully or acknowledge that she is in fact a serial liar. With her life in ruins, we try to understand why she did it. Former friends reveal that her life has been packed with fantasy and lies for over 20 years. Her brother and stepfather, speaking for the first time, allude to a difficult childhood. 

Could Belle be a damaged young girl whose lies were told to garner love and attention? We follow the story to present day where Belle has gone to ground, refusing to pay the fine she is charged with and reveal that she is still duping people today and  taking on new identities. 



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