Gordon, Gino & Fred: Viva Espana!

Gordon, Gino & Fred: Viva Espana!

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Fiesta Forever
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Week 36 2023 : Sat 02 Sep - Fri 08 Sep

Tue 29 Aug 2023

Gordon, Gino & Fred: Viva Espana!

Episode 2: Fiesta Forever

In episode two, the boys continue their Spanish spectacular in Galicia, north-west Spain, to enjoy the 900 miles of unique and wild coastline in an area known for its Celtic roots.

Gordon says: “The Galician style never really gets a look in. Everyone talks about tapas in Barcelona and the richness in Madrid, but no one really understands the gems that are unearthed on this beautiful rugged coastline.”

They arrive in the coastal village of Cambados hoping to get their hands on some stunning shellfish and join a team of inspirational clam-hunting women in the low tide.

Using basket rakes to sieve through the sand and find the large clams just below the water, hunting is big business with high value clams where size really does matter. It proves to be back-breaking work and keen for an early finish, the guys offer to cook for the 200 women instead, heading back to the RV to prepare lunch. But as stressed Gordon gets stuck-in with the prep, Gino and Fred have an unfortunate accident with the box of clams…

Next they head inland to learn about the heroics required to make wine in the award-winning Ribeira Sacra valley. Fred says: “This is one of the most beautiful vineyards in the world”.

Fred insists they travel to the vineyard in the rain on a traditional rowing boat, but after going round in circles, infuriated Gordon and Gino ensure he ends up overboard.

The wine is classed as heroic wine due to the effort required, as the vines are planted on hills steeper than 30%, in some cases on hills with a gradient of 70%. Fred explains it is also known as Obama wine, because in 2017 Barak Obama held a gala in Washington DC and chose this wine to be served to his guests.

After climbing the hill, Gordon, Gino and Fred meet Esther, who inherited the vineyard from her parents and still works on the hillside now aged 86, with her team. They prepare lunch for Esther of Galician beef and other local produce, before contemplating where they will all be aged 86. Gino declares that he’ll be the Italian Peter Stringfellow, while Gordon insists he will still be as fit as a fiddle.

After the RV wheels get stuck in a muddy field, the guys head to a famous Celtic bar to try the traditional Galician distilled liqueur of Orujo and some flaming Queimada punch... 

Back on the road the following day, Gino is nursing a sore head as they arrive at the cathedral city of Santiago de Compostela to visit the huge fresh food market and discover the local delicacy of sea barnacles.

After a row over why Gordon always gets to be the designated RV driver, they decide to stop off and take to the water for an Aquakarting timed race. The stakes are high, with the winner declared the new driver of the RV for the remaining journey.

Competitive as ever, Gordon can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the small motorised boat. Gino is amused: “Look at that, he looks like an elephant on a tricycle.”

Later they head to the beach to cook up the best of Spain, using their market produce. Gordon steams the barnacles with lemon, beer and bay leaves, while Gino whips up a warm Galician octopus salad. The guys end their memorable Spanish adventure with a joyful, naked, dip in the beautiful ocean.



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