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Million Pound Pawn

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    3 of 3

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    Tue 09 Mar 2021

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    8.00pm - 9.00pm

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    Week 10 2021 : Sat 06 Mar - Fri 12 Mar

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    Wed 24 Feb 2021

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Million Pound Pawn

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Series overview

This fascinating new three-part ITV series opens the door to this fast moving and often lucrative industry, telling the story of people with incredible assets and the eye-watering stakes at play; for both the owners and pawnbrokers trying to close the deal and make a profit.

From the well-heeled entrepreneur looking to shore up their business, to the single Mum hoping to fund medical treatment for her son, we unearth the real life stories behind those walking through the pawnbroker’s door and how much they are hoping to raise by parting with their valuables.

Borrowing money from a pawnbroker comes with higher interest rates but customers can also sell their assets and with each transaction we will learn about the rare and sometimes unusual items, what their real value is according to the pawnbroker and ultimately whether the price is right to seal the deal.

With unforgettable characters, heart-warming stories and an array of incredible assets, this series will reveal the emotional and financial stakes at play in the often hidden world of pawnbroking.

Episode 3

The third and final episode of Million Pound Pawn explores the tricky and unpredictable nature of valuing assets - with items going in and out of fashion, what goes up can also go down and pawnbrokers need to be able to spot trends in the market to make sure they are buying at the right time so they can sell on and make a profit.

Customers can either borrow money against their valuables and pay interest on the loan or sell them outright with often surprising results. In well-heeled Wilmslow, dad of three Martin is hoping pawnbroker Kathy can offer him a good return for his gold collection and highly sought-after Rolex watch. But is he selling at the right time? 

In the heart of London, fashion designer Nina takes her Russian artwork to Ray at Suttons and Robertson’s. Having bought the paintings at a Mayfair gallery she has high hopes their price has gone up, but the contemporary art market is notoriously tricky and Ray can only buy them if he is sure he can sell on and make a profit. 

And always on the hunt for a profitable deal, pawnbroker Dan Hatfield takes on an asset in Essex he has never dealt with before - but can he find a buyer for such an unusual item?