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Double Decker Driving School

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    3 of 6

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    Thu 09 Apr 2015
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    8.30pm - 9.00pm
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    Week 15 2015 : Sat 04 Apr - Fri 10 Apr
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“When you’re out there you think you’re the world’s best driver. Until you come into an environment like this. And that’s when you come down with a bang.” - Jim Johnston, bus training officer
This new six-part documentary series for ITV focuses on the ultra-competitive world of trainee London bus drivers.
With numerous applicants for every place on the intensive six-week course, the bus drivers’ school promises to be a gateway to a steady salary and a virtual job for life. First, however, the prospective drivers must learn how to safely negotiate a ten-ton bus through London’s overcrowded streets.
The trainees are filmed from the first moment they sit behind the wheel of a bus through a set of increasingly complex manoeuvres designed to test their abilities to the limit.
Those who make it through the early stages then face the toughest assessment of all – their bus driving test, a 90-minute examination. This will determine if the trainees have what it takes to achieve their dreams, and make it as a bus driver.
If they pass this ultimate test, then every crash, every stall, and every heart-in-mouth emergency stop over the six weeks has been worth it.
Episode 3
This time, Manuel Daniel is three weeks into the course and struggling. He’s failed a series of crucial safety exams and his driving isn’t up to the high standard expected. 
For Manuel becoming a bus driver will mean the world; he will finally be able to afford to move out of his parents’ house and rent a place of his own, with a room for his bus-loving son. He says: “I’m happy with a second chance, I’m not ashamed. I’m looking forward to doing the test and passing. More pressure now.”
Bart Kosciolek’s on a mission to become London’s friendliest bus driver. Originally from Poland, Bart came to the UK eight years ago. He’s tried his hand at being a chef, but is now set on gaining his bus driving qualification. 
With his infectious giggle, he wants to spread a little happiness to the capital’s seven million daily bus passengers. He says: “Come on, let’s have some fun. A little smile, a little joke is going to help people make their mood for the day.”
But instructor Anna Groom is only prepared to go along with Bart’s antics so far. She says: “He’s a very good driver, he just has to remember while he’s busy smiling and laughing he has to concentrate on driving as well.”
Newly-married Rodney Willis has given up a job as a used car salesman to drive a double decker. He believes becoming a bus driver will give him the security he craves. 
He says: “I’m quietly nervous, but quietly confident. I’ve had my heart set on driving a bus. That’s my plan A, plan B and plan C really.”
But despite having driven hundreds of cars, nothing can prepare Rodney for taking control of a 10 tonne double decker - particularly when he finds himself surrounded with hundreds of marching protesters in the middle of Trafalgar Square.